Japanese Name ピクスイエス
User TBA
Namesake Pixies (American alternative rock band)
Destructive Power D
Speed D
Range D
Durability A
Precision E
Developmental Potential C
Pixies (ピクスイエス "Pikusuiesu") is the Stand of Tangerine Dream in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure

Appearence Edit

Pixies is bound to water, mostly the droplets on the user's glasses, one can tell that Pixies is in a body of water if there are strange blobby faces all over it. It's overall appearence is similar to the Vento Aureo Stand Metallica, except Pixies is rather cartoony. It's design can also be compared to the Stand Rainy Day Dream Away , from the light novel Purple Haze Feedback

Personality Edit

Pixies only traits are that the droplets follow normal water physics and they laugh in a high-pitched voice, the bigger the body of water they're in, the louder the laughter.

Abilities Edit

Teleportation: Pixies' can teleport between bodies of water, much like Clash, unlike Clash, Pixies doesn't have a huge range, only bodies of water somewhere near the user

Liquid manipulation: Pixies' is able to control the fluids inside of a living being, such as blood and water, similar to how Metallica manipulated the iron in blood, needless to say, this ability can be very dangerous.

Invisibility: Another power similar to Metallica is that anything submerged in water possessed by Pixies is completely invisible to people outside the water.


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