Image to be ?
Japanese Name れあちぇ
English Name Reache
Namesake Son of a Preacher Man
Destructive Power None - Infinite
Speed None - Infinite
Range None - Infinite
Durability None - Infinite
Precision None - Infinite
Developmental Potential Infinite

Apperance Edit

It has the apperance of what ever the user wants.

Personality Edit

It has no personality.

Abilities Edit

  • Basic: Able to summon simple and small arms like knives, swords and small firearms.
  • Advanced: Summoning weapons of longer stature like around a chair and having mild complexity similar to a C4.
  • High: Capable of Summoning tools up to about the size of a car and having massive complexity like say,a Artificial Intelligence or a Mini-Mecha
  • Master: Can now summon weapons of up to a several cubic meters in size and having such sophisticated and high complexity like a cyber virus, atomic bomb, even a futuristic fighter jet.
  • Absolute: Now able to summon any weapon regardless of size, with endless complexity, an infinite number In the end they have it all here.

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