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Primo Victoria
Japanese Name Primo Victoria
User Freyja
Namesake Primo Victoria (Sabaton Album)
Destructive Power D
Speed A
Range A
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential E

Primo Victoria is the stand of Freyja created by the use of the Luminous Virus.


Much like Emperor Primo Victoria manifest itself as a weapon the user can wield, in its case is a very ornate and intricate golden bow covered in jewels of multiple colors.


True to its appearance Primo Victoria appears to merely works as a bow and has no personality to speak off.


  • Light Arrow Projection: Primo Victoria's main power is the ability to create arrows with the properties of light applied onto them. As per Freyja's desire any property of light can be given to the arrows the stand creates and allows her to exploit her stand for truly impressive results. These include but are not limited to metal manipulation, light speed attacks and even what appears to be teleportation.
  • Line of Sight: Primo Victoria's secondary power is its ability to always hit the arrows on anything Freyja has vision of from the moment of release till the moment of impact. This means that Freyja has absolute accuracy for as long as she maintains a clear vision with what she was aiming for.

Primo Victoria's SoloEdit

As per the laws of Luminous Virus Stands Primo Victoria is able to reach a Solo form temporarily, which bestows upon it an upgrade to all its powers and an additional one.

  • Perfect Shot: Primo Victoria's Solo ability is the ability to rewrite the laws of causality to guarantee the projectile to hit the intended target. By maintaining eye contact with the target for exactly 1 second Primo Victoria will shoot an arrow that will strike it's target the moment it is shot. The Stand works by rewriting causality so that the time that would take for the arrow to be shot and to hit the target becomes 0 by violating the laws of causality.


  • As per the naming convention of Luminous Virus created Stands its name relates to a metal band.

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