Psycho Killer
Japanese Name サイコー・キラー
User TBA
Namesake Psycho Killer (Song by Talking Heads)
Destructive Power C
Speed C
Range A
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential E
Psycho Killer (サイコー・キラー "Saikoo Kiraa") is the Stand belonging to Ruby Dust in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure.

Appearence Edit

Psycho Killer is a rather bizarre Stand, it has a Moai head with headlight eyes, it is connected to a skinless body with skeletal hands and pelvis and it has shoes similar to part 3 DIO's.

Abilities Edit

Psycho Killer chases after and attacks the last person who harmed its user, it only stops if someone else attacks the user or if it kills its current target.

Gallery Edit

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