I'm a kid, yeah, but I can still beat your ass!

—Puer sassing Avem Maris

Puer Coripsum
Puer the badass kid stand user
Japanese Name 子供心臓クリア
Romanized Name Puer Coripsum
English Name Puer Coripsum
Stand The Doors
Age 10 (Stormy Seas)
Birthday January 2nd
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Height 4'5" ft. (182cm)
Blood Type O
Nationality Puerto Rico
Race Human
Hair Color Lime
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Lime
Favorite Food Chocolate
Favorite Animal Golden Retriever
Affiliation Avem Maris's Treasure Hunters
Occupation Child
Hobbies Reading
Game Debut Jojo's Odd Adventure: Stars of Earth

Puer Coripsum is a highly intelligent orphan with sassing issues and is a core member of Avem Maris's Treasure Hunters. She got her Stand when she was born and has been traveling ever since she was 2 years old when she could speak fluently.


You sure like to cuss a lot for a ten year old...

Gal Gladii remarking on Puer's foul mouth

Puer Coripsum is highly intelligent for a girl her age, and she had to be in order to survive gaining a Stand at birth. She loves to read and is very perceptive of her situations at times. However, she is very sassy, and sasses almost anyone. The few people she doesn't sass, she can be very sweet too, and she respects those people very much. She will listen to what they say and she will overall be like an obedient child. However, the only people she respects are those on Avem Maris's Treasure Hunters that joined before her, which amounts to 5 people.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Intelligence: Even by grown ups standards, Puer is very smart and can rival the brains of even the most seasoned professors.
  • Door Creation: Puer can create doors that can go almost anywhere. She uses this very strategically in battle. It's only draw back is that one of the doors has to be within a foot of her

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