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Raghnall Mac Ghabhann
Japanese Name ラッグホゥナルル・マック・グハブハンン
Romanized Name Ragguhunaruru Makku Guhabuhann
English Name Raghnall Mac Ghabhann (Viz Media)
Stand Eden's Ashes
Age 21
Birthday 5 May
Chinese Zodiac Taurus
Gender Male
Height 192 cm.
Weight 70 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality Irish
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Eye Color Gold
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Movie Die Hard
Favorite Food Barmbrack
Favorite Animal Bull
Occupation Unknown
Hobbies Photography
Manga Debut Chapter ?
Seiyuu Masanori Ikeda
Voice Actor David Wald
Get the hell out of my way!


Raghnall Mac Ghabhann (ラッグホゥナルル・マック・グハブハンン Ragguhunaruru Makku Guhabuhann?) is a core ally appearing in Standpunk Underground.

Stand fighter from Ireland, Raghnall is one of Judas Priest's former pupils, sent to attack Seiji Kamijou and his allies before they could leave Japan and head to Mars. Defeated by them alongside his partner, Belle Sebastian, Raghnall later became a member of their party, and joined the group on their quest towards Priest.

His StandEden's Ashes, is said to have the capacity of becoming a Bound.



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