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Rails of Genesis is a fanon part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure taking place thirty years after an alternate ending to Stone Ocean. In this universe Emperio gains weather report much earlier and a combination of him and Jolyene defeat Pucci.

The story follows Joel Joestar, a descendant of an illegitimate child of Joseph Joestar. He is an American who is attending Cambridge University to learn about archaeology. One day their professor exposes their entire class to a mysterious rock fragment that causes them to all come down with a serious disease and fall into a coma. Upon awakening the three surviving students learn that their professor has resigned and they have strange new powers.

This spawns a train based adventure spanning most of Europe to find clues to their professors whereabouts and learn his relation to their newfound powers.

Characters Edit

Character Name Stand Name Status
Joel Joestar Skrillex Main Protagonist
Gorgeous Nightmare Ally (Previously Villain)
The Pretender Villain
George Doublewwe The Bushmaster Villain
Damien Kankatsu White Stripes Main Antagonist

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