Rap God
Japanese Name ラップの神
English Name Rappo no Kami
User Henry Caligula Judal
Namesake Rap God by M&M
Destructive Power None
Speed None
Range Infinite
Durability None
Precision Infinite
Developmental Potential None

Apperance Edit

Has the simple apperance of a ball gag

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Voice The user possesses more than one voices they are able to use simultaneously and understandably.
  • Linguistic Assimilation - know another one's language through physical contact.
  • Projective Omnilingualism - emit a field that translates every language spoken inside it, causing everyone to understand what others are speaking.
  • Receptive Omnilingualism - the translation of any written language into the user's own native tongue, or through subliminal intuition of what by physical communication means. This ability may even employ telepathic faculty, where the psychic energy is read (by hearing or sight) to understand what the message is meant to convey.

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