Too cool for you

—Kurim Wairu responding to thugs after he beat them all up

Japanese Name レコべり
English Name Recovery
User Kurim Wairu
Namesake Recovery (Album by Eminem)
Destructive Power None
Speed Infinite
Range B
Durability None
Precision A
Developmental Potential A

Recovery is an infused Stand that allows the user to respond and recover to literally anything that happens to him flawlessly, potentially making this the most powerful Stand.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Perfect Dodging: Recovery allows its user to dodge any attack within his range flawlessly, as long as Kurim allows it to guide him.
  • Perfect Recovery: Recovery allows its user to turn Kurim's accidents smoothly into something useful or something that at least looks cool. For example, if Kurim trips, Recovery can make Kurim do the worm or do a cartwheel
  • Next Attack Selection: Recovery allows Kurim to see the best potential attacks and Kurim automatically picks within a splitsecond. After that, Recovery guides his movements to do this attack.


Without taking in consideration of the speed Kurim uses, everything that Recovery guides Kurim to do, Kurim needs to have the energy to do this action, as well as the body type. For example, Kurim wouldn't be able to leap buildings if he was cripplingly obese.

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