Red Like Roses
2 Red Like Roses
Japanese Name レッド・ライク・ロージズ(Reddo Raiku Rōjizu)
User Amano Omi
Namesake Red Like Roses, from RWBY
Destructive Power E to A
Speed E to A
Range A
Durability E to A
Precision E to A
Developmental Potential E

Red Like Roses (Romaji: Reddo Raiku Rōjizu; Kana: レッド・ライク・ロージズ) is the ujigami of Amano Omi. It is featured in Forsaken Shoes, Shooting Star-Crossed, Floogetyflop, and Apocalypolis.

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

Red Like Roses does not exhibit any degree of personality whatsoever, because it is manually operated rather than remotely operated.

Abilities Edit

  • Photosynthesis: Without the behest of its user, Red Like Roses will convert radiant energy into chemical energy. Said chemical energy is stored in carbohydrates that are synthesized from all of the carbon dioxide that is inhaled by its user and a portion of the water that is drunk by its user. In addition, at the behest of its user, Red Like Roses is able to synthesize carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water that it is physically contacting. Subsequently, Red Like Roses will utilize the chemical energy as a means both fueling its locomotion and augmenting its physical capabilities. Notably, Red Like Roses is unable to convert radiant energy into chemical if it lacks the carbon dioxide and water that is necessary for its synthesis of carbohydrates.

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