Riders on the Storm
Japanese Name ライダーズ・オン・ザー・ストーム
English Name Riders on the Storm
User Mariya Fitzgerald
Namesake Riders on the Storm (Song by The Doors)
Destructive Power A
Speed C
Range B
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential E
Riders on the Storm is the long-range stand of Mariya Fitzgerald in ReRevolution.

Appearance Edit

The stand takes the form of a death-like figure wearing a crown, standing on a horse covered by eyes in all of its body, holding a bow and arrow.

Abilities Edit

Blindness: Any living being struck by the stand's arrows will become blind, having its eyes added to the horse.

Endless fog: The stand generates some sort of dense, white fog that replaces the ambient with itself, making it infinite and easy to get lost into.

White Rider

The stand borrows the design of the White Rider from Shin Megami Tensei.

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