Your life is just a beautiful lie...

—Riku's catchphrase before finishing his enemies

Hey, you don't have to be too loud if you wanna go in an adventure.

—Riku's statement about his reserved and cool demeanor.

Normally I wouldn't dare indulge such nonsense but since we're bored, why the fuck not?
Riku Makino
Japanese Name 牧野陸
Romanized Name Makino Riku
English Name Riku Nonaka
Namesake Riku (Japanese for "land")
Stand Beautiful Lie
Age 16
Birthday June 30
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 56 kg
Nationality Japanese
Race Human
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Violet
Favorite Color Light Blue
Favorite Movie The Godfather films
Favorite Food Crumpets
Favorite Actor Robert Downey Jr.
Favorite Musician Two Steps From Hell
Occupation Student

Kendo Practitioner


Hobbies Practicing Kendo
Relatives Juno Makino (Younger twin sister by 15 minutes)

Takato Matsuda † (Father)

Ruki Makino (Mother)

Seiyuu Tetsuya Kakihara
Voice Actor [Nathan Sharp]

Riku Makino (牧野陸 Makino Riku) is one of the leading protagonists of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown, the other being his twin sister, Juno.

The eldest between the twins, Riku is a Japanese high school currently studying at Brownstone High School in London along with his baby sister, after the two were selected in the foreign exchange student program.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

At the age of 16, Riku developed into a handsome young man with fair skin, ginger hair, and piercing violet eyes. His measurements of his height and weight are rather above average and prefers to keep a slender, semi-athletic build. While his hair is relatively short, he keeps it in a stylish manner and lets a few bangs loose, covering a portion of his forehead.

Primary Attire Edit

Riku's attire consists of a bluish-white vest made of synthetic material complimented by certain regions having a distinctive silver tone along the sides, separated by a line of orange. Unlike Juno's vest, Riku's have coattails flowing down, ending with triangular symbols on the tip. Followed by a cyan necktie in a cape knot, patterned with intersecting lines of dark-blue. Underneath it is an aquamarine button-down shirt, complete with neatly-folded sleeves and golden markings along the sides of the collar. Most of the time he has, he prefers to have his hands donning dark-blue fingerless gloves with a neon-light blue lining.

As for his lower attire, he prefers to sport a pair of white pants secured by 2 belts, both having a golden buckle, and a wallet kept in the left pocket, with a chain linking to one of the belt loops from the left to provide a more secure position from theft. Finishing his look are a pair of royal blue zippered sneakers with complimentary golden marking across the sides.

Uniform Edit

While attending classes, Riku dons the prescribed uniform for males, comprising of dark blazer highlighted with white lines and silver buttons with a white shirt and a black necktie underneath it. Pants of same of color and leather shoes. He gets to keep his gloves.

Pajamas Edit

His preferred attire during the night consists of a dark-blue, long sleeved turtleneck, cerulean pyjama pants, and white-blue socks.

Personality Edit

While his baby sister acts with a fiery will filled with natural spunk, Riku approaches to a much self-restrained atmosphere boosted by his innate charisma. Calm, cool, and collected, the older twin exhibits a levelheaded air surrounding him that enables him to keep his composure intact, even during situations involving between life and death.

The diligent and responsible sibling in opposition to Juno's brilliant yet lazy mentality, he will casually remind his friends or classmates about what activities or tests they should expect on the next day, to take notice at top priority of what projects that are needed to be submitted, and keeps an eye to the schedule 24/7, even it means involving dangerous situations where the school's schedule is of much importance.

Even for his well-polished and cavalier exterior, he's not above using vulgarity in the same level as Juno, with his charisma remains still. Like Juno, he can put up a show of his playful and taunting side with the intent of rendering enemies pissed off by his childish antics, only for them to be susceptible towards the brother's next attack. This quirk isn't limited in combat only; this gentleman will frequently hit on the beautiful girls along the hallway of the school, much to their annoyance. He displays his mother's ruthlessness amidst the situation involving an enemy Stand user, when he delivered a punch directly at an enemy's face, he simply gave a devious smirk.

As an older brother, Riku has shown moments which he can be overprotective of Juno, one such as shoving her aside whenever Teddy places an arm around her, complete with eyes bulging out in suspicion. He seems very reluctant on having her hunting down their target without the accompaniment of him, their mother, or anyone in the team, fearing the probability of whatever abilities his Stand might pull off that would definitely spell doom for her. With their differences aside, he seems to adore Juno's company, wholeheartedly agreeing to the fact that they're one kickass sibling team the world will soon hear.

Abilities Edit

Beautiful Lie Edit

Riku's Stand exhibits unparalleled mastery in using a real-life sword-based fighting style called Iaido; drawing its blade at unseen speeds before sheathing it back where enemies have been struck down without noticing such an attack. The Stand is fluidly capable of producing portals that usually redirect anything that passes through it or even banish those who passed through to an unseen dimension.

Tactical Intelligence Edit

Riku exhibits the competency of a sharp and quick-thinking tactician. According to him, he relies on his brainpower and wit after reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu three years ago, with that embedded on his thoughts, the older twin carefully makes use of the environment and whatever is available for him to deal the situation he's currently engaging. He occasionally manipulates the powers of enemy Stands or wild Digimon against them, provided that he had witnessed one or two attacks beforehand for the latter.

Usually when his sister is unavailable or is injured, Riku will take her place in formulating strategies and giving commands to their partner Digimon.

Kendo Proficiency Edit


Misc. Edit

  • His favourite tunes he likes to listen are Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", a couple of Panic! At the Disco's songs, Guns N Roses' "Paradise City", & Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk".
  • His spends his pastimes doing well-detailed sketching or playing acoustic with his sister.

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