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—Rock In Peace's

Rock In Peace
Rock In Peace
Japanese Name ロック イン ピアスロック イン ピアス

rokku in piasu

English Name Rock In Peace
User Nico Zeppeli
Namesake R.I.P (AC/DC song)
Manga Debut Chapter 1:
Destructive Power C
Speed B
Range D (C with steel balls)
Durability B
Precision D
Developmental Potential A

Rock In Peace (ロック イン ピアスロック イン ピアス, rokku in piasu) or for short R.I.P is the stand of Nico Zeppeli, featured in ???.



Rock In Peace seems to be naturally aggressive towards most people either attacking a person if they even pose the slightest threat towards Nico. It appears that it holds the same hatred for the Joestars as Nico has making it even more violent around one unless Nico controls him. When fighting other stands it sometimes smiles showing it enjoys fighting its opponent. This shows that R.I.P like Nico enjoys challenging people in skills.

R.I.P's stand cry is (...)


Enhanced Strength: R.I.P is strong enough to break through a steel door and has been able to uproot a tree and swig it like a baseball bat. It is also strong enough that it can flick a bullet and deliver the same amount of force as a gun.

Enhanced Speed: R.I.P has been able to grab multiple bullets out of the air that were heading towards Nico who was only aware as they were inches from his face.

Balance: R.I.P is able to bring whatever it touches to a perfect balance. Meaning it could allow Nico to stand on a spike by making his feet perfectly balance on it. It can also make a blade slide off of him by bringing his skin to a perfect balance and causing the skin becomes the landing spot . However, blunt objects are not affected by the balance. Nico has found a way to combine it with spin by throwing a steel ball at the ground while its still spinning causing anyone in its area of effect which is usually five or ten meters to be pushed away from where it is at or pulled towards it.


  • Thanks goes to Houki Minami

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