Give me a break...

—Ruki Makino, whenever she's unimpressed

Mom's like one of those stoic mentor types who can be a major pain in the ass when it comes down to training, but deep down, me and my bro had declared way before that she's definitely the world's greatest mom.

—Juno describing what kind of person her mother is.

You can call me whatever you want that floats your boat but if you say "old", I'm going to turn your ass into grass, pretty boy.

—Threatening Charlie after he called her old, despite having severe injuries.

Ruki Makino
Japanese Name 牧野 留姫
Romanized Name Makino Ruki
English Name Rika Nonaka
Stand Moon River
Age 39
Birthday May 1991
Gender Female
Height 5'11
Weight 52 kg
Nationality Japanese
Race Human
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Violet
Favorite Color Any shade of blue
Favorite Movie The Digimon Adventure tri. film series
Favorite Food Coffee
Favorite Animal Fox
Favorite Musician Ronnie James Dio
Affiliation A.R.G.U.S.
Occupation Tamer

Travelling Researcher

A.R.G.U.S. Agent

Hobbies Watching Stranger Things & Doctor Who
Relatives Unnamed Father

Rumiko Makino (Mother)

Seiko Hata (Grandmother)

Takato Matsuda (Lover) †

Juno Makino (Daughter)

Riku Makino (Son)

Seiyuu Fumiko Orikasa
Voice Actor Melissa Fahn
Ruki Makino (牧野 Makino Ruki) is one of the central characters featured in Digimon Tamers. She also plays a major role

Accompanied by her lifelong partner, Renamon, the veteran takes a trip to London for two reasons: To see how her kids have been doing well in the British lifestyle for the last three years. The other is to investigate the bizarre reason as to why recent Digimon activity made the city as their prime target.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

At 39 years of age, Ruki's appearance still retains a remnant of youthfulness into her looks, fooling people into thinking that she's still in her late 20 to early 30's. Nonetheless, she's a well-attractive and beautiful woman, of a lithe, sylphlike, and developed build over the last couple of years marked by a face that shows a strong sense of hidden elegance, along with her being grown considerably taller than the average height of a Japanese woman.

Her hair has considerably grown that it slightly went beyond her shoulders, along with bangs parting on the left that cover her left eye a bit, and prefers to have a traditional low ponytail style considering her old style doesn't suit her standards anymore as an adult.

Primary Attire Edit

As an adult, Ruki has a unique preference for clothing she sees fit to suit her career down along the road. She frequently pulls out and wear a pair of sharp, violet shades supported by a dark frame in a futuristic design that completely conceals those piercing violet eyes. She uses a common scrunchy to maintain her new hairstyle in the manner of a low ponytail in its place.

Her common attire consists of a white blazer that can be fastened by a single brown button, although leaving it unfastened seems to satisfy her. The blazer is also lined by a highlight of a peculiar golden tone, running down across the front, around the cuffs.

Pajamas Edit

Ruki also wears a sleeping attire consisting of a white yukata-like shirt with a silver lining, black sweat pants, and a comfy pair of socks. She has a pair of violet earphones, usually playing rock music.

Personality Edit

Overall, Ruki mellowed out from her cold and grouchy attitude when she was still a teenager into a mature and rational lady underneath that cool and resolute atmosphere surrounding her. Although a remnant of her loner tendencies still remain, most likely to focus on her duties working as a travelling researcher, thus needed some time alone to finish whatever is needed to be done. She's still fluent in sarcasm as always, pulling out ironic remarks at her enemies just to merely piss them off. As a single parent and mother to both JoJo and Riku, just like any mother, she genuinely loves them and cherishes every moment they spent time together as a small yet loving family. She has shown complete support in their mission of defending the city from enemy Stand users and wild Digimon who have been fixiated into causing mayhem at the city's core.

However, Ruki can be harsh and strict at times. After finding out that Juno has been barely improving her grades of her mathematics and history lessons, she fiercely rebukes her for such laziness. She also warned Riku of facing the consequences for cutting classes twice in a row just to see an important tournament. Both have been told that their excuses will hardly make an improvement in their lives once they face the real world. Aside from her terrifyingly stern tendencies, Ruki approves and supports her daughter's romantic relationship with Teddy, citing as a "cute and perfect; the ultimate OTP".

Underneath that composed and mature expression as a mentor and a mother, Ruki deeply misses her best friend/lover and visits his grave at a daily basis back at Shinjuku. She would talk to him about the things that happened, how well the kids are doing, and after all has been said, she would leave a bouquet of roses, Juno's favorite flower, behind to honour his memory and deeply express how much she truly misses him.

Abilities Edit

Moon River Edit

Moon River can place "weak points" that can affect the target in three different ways, as well as manipulating concentrated energies from the moon itself. As a humanoid Stand, it has powerful attributes focusing on power and speed with a relatively short range.

Extensive Digimon Knowledge Edit

Because of her experience as a full-fledged Tamer ever since she was still young, Ruki has shown naturally brilliant insight and an erudite perspective about the wide varieties of Digimon species and their respective behavioral patterns. She was able to identify a Digimon she wasn't familiar with to be an Adult (Ultimate) without the need of her D-Arc after carefully observing the intensity of their distinctive capabilities, default appearance, and their standard attack flow. Ruki is enthusiastic in boosting any Digimon's parameters using training methods and trials of pure coordination, as seen mentoring the twins' partner TechGaomon, and says its interesting to understand how would basic-to-advanced human training can make a difference when applied to Digimon.

Intelligence Edit

Ruki has accumulated a significant deal of knowledge during her college days, ranging from themes such as biology, social sciences, health sciences, fine arts, and even international studies, especially having a Master Degrees in the former two. During her visit in London, she began understanding her Stand after researching various articles about the supernatural phenomena in the internet. Her lessons regarding about international studies paid off since she was able to understand the portion of English culture. She also made a 45-page essay about the wildlife in the British Isles.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though she mellowed out, she still dislikes singing.
  • Shares her catchphrase with Jotaro Kujo.

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