Japanese Name ルーラ
Romanized Name Rūra
Mukou Sanae
Birth Name Sanae Mukou
Stand Bad Company
Age 23
Birthday 1989
Date of Death June 23, 2012
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Race Human
Hair Color Light purple (Ruler)
Black (Sanae Mukou)
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation Team Ruler (Founder)
Hobbies Reading
Seiyuu Yōko Hikasa
You did a good job, my subjects.

—Ruler to her team

Ruler (ルーラ Rūra), also known by her real name Sanae Mukou (木王早苗 Mukou Sanae), is an antagonist featured in Magical Girl Bizarre Raising Project.

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

As a human, Sanae has a long black hair. She wear office suit.

Magical Girl Edit

As a Magical Girl, Ruler has short, light purple hair. Her eyes are also a shade of purple. She wears a royal Princess-like attire.

Personality Edit

She gives her subjects points based on what they do and say, and will generally not tolerate any foolishness or stupidity from them. Deconstructed as this provokes them into conspiring into killing her. She has a mentality of people around her being "idiots".

Stand Edit

Main article: Bad Company (Magical Girl)

Her Stand allows her to give commands to anyone.

Synopsis Edit

Past Edit

At some point in the past, she was approached by Fav to become a real Magical Girl, becoming the princess known as Ruler with a Stand called Bad Company.

Eventually, Ruler formed a team with Swim Swim, Tama and the Peaky Angels. Ruler taught Swim Swim various basic rules of "how to be a leader", seeing her as her second in command.

Magical Girl Bizarre Raising Project Edit

After Fav informed that Magical Girls are allowed exchange Magical Candies with each other, Ruler had the idea to steal other Magical Girls' candies, using Bad Company to command her team to steal Snow White's.

After they came back with the candies, Ruler removed the soldiers from the team, saying that they did a good job, untill Fav made his announment: the girl with the less Magical Candies is Ruler, and she will be elminated.

Ruler ask her team what happened, so Swim Swim says that she used her Stand, Ocean Woman, to turn her body into water so she was able resist Bad Company, Swim Swim also said that she stole only the half of Snow White's candies and splited them among all the other Magical Girls except for Ruler.

Ruler then tried to attack Swim Swim using Bad Company, but she blocked the attack with Ocean Woman, and as her time finished off, Ruler suffered a sheer heart attack, falling to the ground.

Sanae Mokuou was found dead that day.

Trivia Edit

  • Swim Swim used her lesson of "how to be a leader" after her death.

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