Japanese Name サチスフェクション
English Name Satsifaction
Namesake (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (song by The Rolling Stones )
Destructive Power D
Speed B
Range D
Durability E
Precision E
Developmental Potential B
Satisfaction (サチスフェクション Sachisufekushion) is the Stand of ???, appearing in Golden Ecstasy.



  • Parasite Roots - Satisfaction has, coming out of its head and back, long tentacles he can control. Those are its roots, which it can attach to any living being, absorbing their energies.
    • I Can't Get No - The roots can be detached from Satisfaction's own body and continuously absorb energy from the target, deflecting any damage back to the target, getting bigger and heavier and transforming themselves into smaller versions of Satisfaction, each called I Can't Get No. All the I Can't Get No's are controlled by the user, and the only way to remove them from the target's body is to defeat Satisfaction or the user.


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