Share the World
Share the World
Japanese Name シェア・ザ・ワールド(Shea Za Wārudo)
Namesake Share the World, from One Piece
Destructive Power A -> E (Charging)
Speed A -> E (Charging)
Range E
Durability A -> E (Charging)
Precision A -> E (Charging)
Developmental Potential E

Share the World (Romaji: Shea Za Wārudo; Kana: シェア・ザ・ワールド) is the ujigami of BLANK. It is featured in Forsaken Shoes.

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Temporal Suspension: At the behest of its user, Share the World is able to charge itself for an amount of time and then discharge itself as a means of suspending the progression of the Universal Timeline for an amount of time that is equal to the amount of time that it spent charging. Subsequently, during the suspension, Share the World and its user are able to act with impunity against any entity that is subordinate to the Universal Timeline.
    • Notably, Share the World is unable to store its charge. Thus, if it desires to cease its charging, it must discharge and thereby suspend the progression of the Universal Timeline.

Trivia Edit


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