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Shiki Yoshitake
Japanese Name 佳丈 磯城
Romanized Name Yoshitake Shiki
English Name Shiki Yoshitake (Viz Media)
Stand Moonlight Drive
Age 18
Birthday July 20th
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Movie The Matrix
Favorite Food Tonkasu
Favorite Actor Ken Watanabe
Favorite Animal Dog
Favorite Musician Stevie Wonder
Occupation Student
Hobbies Kendo
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Suguru Inoue
Voice Actor Kyle Herbert (English Dub)
Haha! My My this seems fun!

—Shiki Yoshitake

Shiki Yoshitake (佳丈 磯城, Yoshitake Shiki?), is the main protagonist of Call of the Moon. Both the Take ( Take?), and Ki (城, Ki?) in his name may also be read as "Jo".

Shiki is a high school senior who after a series of unfortunate events, is forced to undergo an organ transplant and blood transfusion, where he receives both the blood and organs from a member of the Joestar bloodline, which ultimately resulted in him developing a Stand.


This scar? That's a secret.

—Shiki Yoshitake

Shiki is depicted as a handsome young man of both average height and build. He has brown eyes, and black hair, with which he sports a short, spiky hairdo. Down the entirety of his chest, Shiki has a long scar, which is evidence to where he had the organ transplant.

Shiki's outfit is prone to changing, aside from his school attire, which consists of a white button down shirt, of which he wears the collar up, and a navy blue vest. The pants he wears are that of black slacks, with black converse to match.

His primary, and most common outfit however, is that of a thick, red sleeveless winter jacket. Underneath he wears a light pink, almost white long sleeve t-shirt which has the words "Bermuda" on the top, an anchor in the middle, and "Bermuda" backwards among the bottom. His choice of pants are black jeans, with his choice of shoe being the same black converse.


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