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Smashing Pumpkin
Japanese Name スマシング・パムプキン (Sumashingu Pamupukin)
English Name Smashing Pumpkin
User Fiore Zeppeli
Namesake The Smashing Pumpkins (American alternative rock group)
Seiyuu Unknown
Destructive Power B
Speed C
Range A
Durability E
Precision A
Developmental Potential B

—Fiore on Smashing Pumpkin

Smashing Pumpkin (スマシング・パムプキン Sumashingu Pamupukin?) is the Stand of Fiore Zeppeli, featured in Standpunk Underground.




'Connect the Dots'- The various installations that make up Smashing Pumpkin are all capable of moving freely, based on both Fiore's hand movements and non-verbal/non-physical mental commands. Each bit of this Stand can fire off light from the orifices that make up its face, which can in turn connect and meld with the lights emitted from other installations. By connecting this, aside from the various shapes that can be created for various purposes, Fiore can trigger a massive detonation between the different installations. The amounts that are connected can vary, with two being the bare minimum and the maximum appearing indefinite. It is to be noted that the blast radius and damage inflicted by the explosion depends on the amount that are connected; the more Pumpkins are connected, the larger the detonation will be. this also appears to be based around the patterns formed from the connections, with more complex ones requiring a greater amount of Pumpkins being generated and thus more energy being discharged to connect. As each installation drains a little bit of Fiore's energy when either created or destroyed (and in the worst cases, both), these larger patterns and equivalent detonations can be incredibly risky. The sizes of the Pumpkins are variable, and can range from being so small they are hard to see to massive, at times even blimp-sized installations. In addition, a pattern can only be created once the shape has been decided upon. Thanks to Fiore's skills as a strategist and ability to think incredibly far ahead, this is not a deal breaker in any way, though it can slow the tide of combat when fighting Stand user to Stand user.

Multipurpose Constructs- In addition, this various constructs out of the released light do not have to be explosive or even inherently destructive. Rather, depending on the connections made and Fiore's own intent, various other uses can be discovered. The most notable of these is to use the destructive tendencies of this Stand in unique ways; the connected lights can gain a sharp edge and then be used as a blade to cut through attacks, barriers, and more. Furthermore, shields of various shapes can be created in order to take strikes. Items such as handcuffs can also be created. On a rare occasion, Fiore has shown the capacity for her Stand to pick locks, by generating one Pumpkin on one side and another on the other, then using the connected light to carefully open it. More complex constructs, like the detonation patterns, appear to require more concentration and energy expenditure.

Hamon Conductivity-



  • The baseline "Connecting the Dots" power was inspired by the opening puzzle sections of the mobile game N.O.V.A..