Smile Mona Lisa
Japanese Name スマイル・モーナー・リーサー
User Lined Ivory
Namesake Smile Mona Lisa (Song by Will.I.Am)
Destructive Power E
Speed -
Range E
Durability A
Precision -
Developmental Potential E
Smile Mona Lisa (スマイル・モーナー・リーサー "Sumairu Moona Riisa") is the Stand of Lined Ivory, who is a key character in the first part of BBA.

Appearence Edit

Smile Mona Lisa is bound to its user's body, it keeps him alive as a grafitti picture in Lined's angular style, anything absorbed into the wall turns into a 2D angular form of itself.

Abilities Edit

Immortality: This Stand was gained after Lined was stabbed with the arrow and was killed by Evening Dusk's Killer Queen, so he ramains undead as a grafitti painting, he cannot be erased, he cannot be destroyed.

Absorption: As mentioned above, with Smile Mona Lisa, Lined Ivory can absorb anything outside the wall to his "painting world", as he did with a stray dog and other objects. He can also let things and people out.

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