Speed of Light

Speed of Light ACT 1

Speed of Light ACT 2

Speed of Light ACT 3

Speedo Raito da

Japanese Name 光の速度
English Name Speed of Light
User Scrupile Passe
Namesake Speed of Light by Iron Maiden
Manga Debut Chapter ?
Destructive Power D → C → B → A
Speed A → A → A → Infinite
Range C → A → B → C
Durability E → D → B → C
Precision C → C → D → C
Developmental Potential A → A → D → E

Speed of Light is a Stand used by Scrupile Passe that is introduced in Jojo's Odd Adventure, Part 3: Killing Storm and turns into a Requiem Stand in Part 4.

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Superhuman Speed: Speed of Light, as the name suggests, goes at the speed of light, even in ACT 1. The main power of the stand is its speed.
  • Firing Light: Speed of Light can collect light and fire it in beams. They are very fast and almost unavoidable. However, at Speed of Light isn't very accurate, it will sometimes miss.
  • Flight: Before Requiem, Speed of Light could fly. However it was only in ACT 2 it could carry its user and in ACT 3 it could be used as a long distance travel source.
  • Dragon Physiology: As Speed of Light has a dragon figure, it can do all the attacks a dragon can. That includes biting, scratching, roaring and other things.


When Srupile was fighting an enemy with faster than light speed and killer damage, the thoughts going through his head were "I need more speed" and "I need more power". So he took the arrow out of his bag and pierced his Stand, turning it into a Requiem Stand.

  • Infinite Speed: There is literally no limit to Speed of Light Requiem's speed
  • Superhuman Damage: Speed of Light is very powerful offensively
  • Firing Light: Speed of Light Requiem carried over its ability to fire light from regular Speed of Light

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