Cool, fast, strong, and unique. There's nothing me and my Straggler's Moon can't do better than anyone else!

—Mordare hyping himself up

Straggler's Moon
Super badass stand
Japanese Name ストラーグラーズムーン
English Name Dawdler's Moon
User Mordare Nattlig
Namesake Straggler's Moon by The Fratellis
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability B
Precision B
Developmental Potential A

Straggler's Moon is a night-based Stand that is featured in the side Part of Jojo's Odd Adventure, Stormy Seas.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

My Stand has 3 main abilities, and you're doomed because of only one of them

—Mordare fighting The Doors and its user

As Mordare has stated, Straggler's Moon has 3 main abilities, and they are as follows:

  • Gravity Manipulation: Straggler's Moon can either lighten or strengthen the gravity on one object at a time. He can use this for a number of things, such as pseudo-flight, or keeping his opponent in place. However, the strength of the gravity change becomes weaker during the day.
  • Lunar Attacks: Straggler's Moon can release/use lunar energy/substances to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc., from huge rays of pure energy that can burn multiple things at once. Straggler's Moon can naturally only use these attacks at night
  • Boomerang Slicers: Straggler's Moon can rip pieces of its cape off and throw them like boomerangs to slice its opponent. However, they only return to him at night.

Along with that there are just the regular physical abilities, such as:

  • Superhuman Strength: Straggler's Moon is a lot stronger than a normal person
  • Superhuman Speed: Straggler's Moon is a lot faster than a normal person

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