As a kid the Romans always fascinated me. They were so cool, with their armies and their weapons and stuff. But...HOW COME THEY WERE DEFEATED BY THOSE SHITTY CONQUERORS! THE FUCKING VISIGOTHS, BURUNDIANS, SALIAN FRANKS, VANDALS AND RUGIANS! THOSE BASTARDS PENTATEAMED THEM, THEY COULDN'T HAVE HAD A CHANCE. *sighs* But, my Stand power allows me to bring the true conquerors of the world out, my legions won't be defeated by the likes of an invader like you!

—Rooma losing his temper

Sugarhill Gang
Sugar hill gang
Japanese Name シュガーヒルギャング
English Name Sugarhill Crew ( VIZ Media)
User Rooma
Namesake Sugarhill Gang (Rapper Group)
Destructive Power C
Speed D
Range A
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential E

Sugarhill Gang is an army stand that allows Rooma to summon multiple completely white miniature Roman Soldiers. All of the soldiers are about 2 inches tall, the same as regular toy soldiers. In total, Rooma can summon 10 cohorts, each having 500 men in them. He can also summon smaller amounts, but the default summon is 1 cohort. In total, Rooma can summon up to 5,000 soldiers or as little as one

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sniping: Sugarhill Gang's archers can stealthily shoot enemies from a distance with their bows. It may not do a lot of damage, but after a bunch of them hit a target, the bloodloss can make them pass out. Sugarhill Gang's archers can also intercept a ranged attack. They may also be able to poison their arrows to deliver small but eventually potent poison. Along with that, the archers in the gang are extremely accurate.
  • Slicing: Sugarhill Gang's swordsmen and spearmen can slice enemies apart. Their swords independently may not be overly powerful, but working together they can hack apart limbs and such.
  • Horseback Fighters: Sugarhill Gang can send in horseback fights to deliver hit and run attacks on an enemy
  • Extreme Durability: Each of Sugarhill Gang's soldiers are about as durable as ants their size, and even if one is killed, Rooma wouldn't even feel it. Along with that, all of the soldiers are equipped with armor shields, so they would most likely dodge or take an attack.
  • Long Range: Sugarhill Gang can operate at a long distance from Rooma, and he can still see what they're doing and send them directions from afar.
  • "Wheels of Steel": Sugarhill Gang can build catapults in less than a minute in order to launch stones, explosives and even soldiers to fight better.
  • "My Little Playmate": Sugarhill Gang's trump card ability is to send out a special soldier with a glowing dagger. This dagger, if stabbed into the enemy, slowly shrinks the opponent down to the same size of the soldiers. However, this also shrinks Rooma at the same exact rate. This effect lasts for about 20 minutes, and Rooma can only use it once a week.

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