Sweet Dark Angel
Japanese Name スウィートダークエンジェル

Suuīto Dāku Enjeru

User Sarah Angela
Namesake Sweet Black Angel (A Rolling Stones song)
Destructive Power D (B in Offensive)
Speed A
Range A (C in Offensive)
Durability A (D in Offensive)
Precision B (C in Offensive)
Developmental Potential D

Sweet Dark Angel (スウィートダークエンジェル Suuīto Dāku Enjeru) is the Stand of Sarah Angela. feature in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.




Guardian Stance:

  • Don't Blink: If Sweet Dark Angel detects a possible enemy within an invisible radius spanning 50 meters or a person Sarah didn't write their name in her journal, the Stand will immediately warp behind where that person is currenlty located approximately 10-15 meters from their distance. Should the person who's now the Stand's target turn their heads to find the statue placed behind them a couple distances away, they must keep a steady look or anything that averts their gaze will cause Sweet Dark Angel to approach them face to face. Fleeing away from the Stand is near-pointless as no matter where target is, Sweet Dark Angel will be there, bearing its razor sharp fangs and clawed hands to apprehend said target. Luckily, Sarah has full control on this ability which she has an invisible ON & OFF switch to enable or disable it. Surprisingly, this is also effective against ghosts as well as the rumored ghost said to haunt the covenant its user is serving in, is now standing in the hallway, completely stiff from the shock. Sarah admits that this is wholly useless when there are more than two intruders, which her Stand will have difficulty picking which target, affecting her negatively as a result in the form of a splitting headache.
  • Terror Paralysis: Should Sweet Dark Angel be in range with its intented target under 2-3 meters, its mere presence alone produces an invisible miasma that slowly pulls out the possible factors the target fears the most. When the target and the Stand look at each other face to face, all the accumulated fear stemming from the former will eventually cloud the mind, overriding it with a psychological attack that causes them to be extremely stiff. There is a way to snap the paralyzed victim back to reality; performing an embarrassing chicken dance right in front of it, relation of the target is completely irrelevant and successfully pulling off that awkward dance routine will bring back the victim to their right mind.

Offensive Stance:

  • Discard:
  • Fear Manifestation:
  • Fear Eater:


  • The Stand itself is basically a Weeping Angel if it were a part of someone's spirit.