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Tenjō no kami is the main antagonist of "Eyes of God". His main goal being to achieve perfection and effectively become God.

Tenjō no kami
Japanese Name Tenjō no kami
English Name God over Heaven
Birth Name Tenjō no kami
Stand Lucifer's Requiem: Godsend
Heaven and Hell (Former)
Age 200
Birthday 6/13
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Weight 90 kg
Blood Type O+
Nationality Japan
Race Vampire
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Hobbies Tactical Games



He is a calm and collected person, being able to think things through in the heat of battle. He was praised as a child for his unnatural intelligence; resulting in his overconfidence and pride. He cares for other people but puts himself above others. His dream from a young age was to achieve a perfect existence; resulting in a dominate personality. He also show almost no emotion even at the death of loved ones he doesn't shed a tear. Overall he is unattached from the world holding himself above all else




Tenjō no kami was born to a normal family in Tokyo japan, but was a genius beyond compare; having an I.Q. of 580. His teachers couldn't even comprehend the rate an which he progressed, he graduated high school at the age of six which was the age he developed his first stand Heaven and Hell, he became even more unattached from there. He believed nobody could even hope to even hold a candle to him. He became a vampire at the age of 13 when his father had heard a story about a stone mask and thus Tenjō used it hoping it would set him even further apart, He then spent the next 7 years mastering his stand and new found powers. After this he fought another vampire and was badly injured thus he hibernated until the start of "Eyes of God"


Abilities and PowersEdit

Stand User

Tenjō no kami uses many stand from his first "Heaven and Hell" up to "Lucifer's Requiem: Godsend"

Vampire Powers



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