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The Bushmaster
User George Doublewwe
Namesake The Bushmaster by Pigface
Destructive Power E
Speed C
Range B
Durability E
Precision A
Developmental Potential C

The Bushmaster is the stand of George Doublewwe.


The Bushmaster is a humanoid stand that stands about 6'1 feet tall. It wears woodland camouflage in the form of a ghillie suit that changes color based on the foliage it is hidden within. Under the suit it's body is robotic however. This is most evident by the place where its face should go is replaced by a giant camera like object. Through this the stand can see and identify targets.

The Bushmaster seems to have some sort of personality as it does speak but only phrases such as "Target Identified" or "There's Movement In That Bush".


The Bushmaster is an extremely powerful long range stand, with it's range being anywhere in its sight for its powers however it needs to stay at within at least thirty feet of its user. It doesn't move particularly fast and its punches are only a litter more powerful than a normal humans. However all this stand needs is range and precision.

The Bushmasters power is to create foliage of any type anywhere within its vision. This foliage becomes real and will exist until it is destroyed or naturally dies. This is most often used to create a thick field of leaves and stems that obscure all vision and are a pain to move through without a blade of some sort. This foliage also has special properties. While the stand and user are within it they make no sounds or even touch the foliage, it's as if they phase through it. Any contact with the ground or anything within the foliage will also cause no sound, making them completely silent. Everything else however makes noise, with stand users causing leaves to make more noise than usual. The Bushmaster uses a sniper rifle to kill hunt things within the foliage and strike from a long range using sound. The most terrifying part is that the bullets from the rifle also phase through the foliage, only making a noise when they hit a person or the ground.



  • This was based off a long running joke.

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