Your Stand's attack might be like a machine gun... But my Stand, the Lord, hits like a missile.
The Lord
Japanese Name ス ロード (su roodo)
English Name The Lord
User  ???
Namesake The Lord
Destructive Power A
Speed C
Range D
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential B
The Lord is Stand of ???. The Lord has relatively short range, around 2 meters radius from user. However, what it lacks in range, it makes up in physical strenght and durability.


The Lord takes a form of armored, unarmed knight. Stand itself has proven to be violent when it comes to protecting it's user, often either killing or beating them up badly.



Nullification Field : Ability of the The Lord is simply to nullify any special abilities stands posess, forcing them to rely into their physical skills alone, making The Lord real pain to deal with.

Armor Mode : The Lord has two different ways it can manifest itself. First one is like with most stands, near the user. Another way is that it surround's it's user as a defensive armor, protecting them.

Extreme Durability : Thanks to it's Armour, damaging The Lord is not easy. Stand can easily get hit by car and keep going on, like nothing ha penned.


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