This article, The Pretender, is property of Dragon Lord Erin.
The Pretender
Mimic FF12RW
User Ricky Jarvis
Namesake The Pretender
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range B
Durability C
Precision C
Developmental Potential B

The Pretenders is the stand of


The pretender is a four legged spider-like robot made of gold and crystal. The crystal on it's legs are shaped into blades. It also has on solid blue eye in what seems to be an eye socket.

The pretender has no personality whatsoever, it is simply a tool for its user.


The Pretender is non a very powerful stand in terms of stats. It is capable of slashing objects with it's legs but with average durability and precision it cannot make precise cuts and can't take too much damage. However with a very high speed it can move around quite fast.

The Pretender's true power lies within its ability, the power to pretend. The pretender is able to create false truths that apply as long as it is active. For example if Ricky is shot with a bullet it can create a false truth that he was not shot. When this happens that bullet and anything it did will cease to exist during the time his stand is active. However Ricky cannot erase people. For example he cannot say that his opponent isn't there. However he can say that things like their clothes or weapons aren't there. Ricky also has to be unable to see whatever he is pretending is not there.



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