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Namesake The River (Bruce Springsteen album)
Destructive Power B
Speed C
Range A
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential C


It appears as a mass of tenteacle demons merged together into an immense Lovecraftian beast. It stood about the size of several meters about 4 meters, about the same height as a small house. It possesses an appearance similar to a cellular organism, it has no bones nor organs, and it feels no pain, even with a third of its body blown away , it will continuously regenerate, no mater how much damage it's taken.


  • Water Decomposition: The River enables the uset to turn their body into water. They may turn around 70% of they're body harmlessly, as well as quickly turn back. A versatile ability, feats it enables include hiding parts of the user's body in spaces like a person's hand, and reflecting light to disguise or water bubbles to trap enemies. At harm to the user, the user may also turn into water for a further variety of applications. The Ruver's maximum range, turned to 70%, is about 50 meters
    • pumping Wounds: With the water, the user may pump water into wounds sustained by them or their allies to an improved healing speed.
    • Water Body: by turning the user's body into water they don't take any damage from being hit by psychical object, if the user's body gets into contact by something hot or water absorbing they'll get hurt and will feel the pain much easier.
    • Long-Distance sensing: By the same principles behind the blind person can sense people, sound vibrating through the water, the user may eavesdrop on distant conversations.
    • Super Strength: When The River's water is completely wound or compacted, it is very strong; the destructive force of its punch roughly equivalent to that exerted by a small, extremely fast meteor.
    • Large Range: When The River's water is completely dispersed, it is very weak however it's range increases by more than 10 times.



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