Torn From the Heavens
Torn From the Heavens
Japanese Name トーン・フロム・ザー・ヘブンズ(Tōn Furomu zā Hebunzu)
User Deceased
Namesake Torn From the Heavens, from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Destructive Power E
Speed A
Range A
Durability E
Precision E
Developmental Potential A

Abbreviated as Heaven-Torned (Romaji: Hebun-Tōneddo; Kana: ヘブン・トーネッド)

Torn From the Heavens (Romaji: Tōn Furomu zā Hebunzu; Kana: トーン・フロム・ザー・ヘブンズ) is an ujigami which is featured in Forsaken Shoes.

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit


Abiltiies Edit

  • Transposition between the Imaginary and the Real: Heaven-Torned is able to imagine a living individual and then conjure the real individual that is either identical to the imaginary individual or is the most similar to the imaginary individual. Subsequently, for as long as the real individual is alive, Heaven-Torned will be unable to imagine the the individual and thereby unable to conjure another real individual. In addition, if the real individual dies, Heaven-Torned will be unable to reconjure the real individual.

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