Oranges suck,

—Touhime, much to Jugemu's chagrin.

Japanese Name 橙姫
Romanized Name Touhime
English Name Orange Princess
Stand None
Age 12
Gender Female
Blood Type N/A
Nationality N/A
Race N/A
Hair Color Burgundy
Eye Color Blue
Rather Be
Japanese Name ラーザー・ビー
User Jugemu
Namesake Rather Be
Destructive Power E
Speed E
Durability E
Precision E
Developmental Potential A

Also known as Rather Be (Romaji: Rāzā Bī; Kana: ラーザー・ビー), Touhime (Kanji: 橙姫; English: Orange Princess) is a character introduced in Standpunk Underground.

As one of the "bullets" that Genie in a Bottle is chambered to fire, she is a Stand of Jugemu.

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Abilities and Powers Edit

As a Stand, Touhime is known as Rather Be (Romaji: Rāzā Bī; Kana: ラーザー・ビー). Because she exhibits the physical capabilities that she exhibited before her transformation into a Stand; Touhime exhibits the durability, speed, and strength of a 12-year-old girl. Thus, Touhime is a physically weak Stand. However, in exchange, she exhibits the independence that she exhibited before she became a Stand. Thus, effectively, she as a range of INFINITE. In addition, unlike a normal Stand, she can been perceived by non-Stand users.

  • Red String of Fate Generation: Touhime is able to generate a Red String of Fate that connects a pair of individuals by touching one of the individuals with her left hand and then touching the other individual with her right hand. Any pair of individuals who are connected by a Red String of Fate will consider one another to be soulmates and they will suffer from jealousy whenever their soulmate undergoes ANY interaction with ANYONE and even ANYTHING other than them.

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