Sure electrocuting enemies is powerful, but it isn't always the strong who win the fight!

—Rollike pulling Hully into her trap and ending the fight

Trap Queen
Trap queen
Japanese Name トラップクイーン
English Name Trap Queen
User Rollike Akande
Namesake Trap Queen by Fetty Wap
Destructive Power D
Speed A
Range A
Durability D
Precision A
Developmental Potential D

Trap Queen is the Stand of Rollike Akande, who was featured in Jojo's Odd Adventure Part 4. It looks like a woman in a battle dress.

Abilities and PowersEdit

* = Supplied by Rollike

  • Superhuman Speed: Trap Queen is extremely fast, and is able place her traps instantly as well as move at supersonic speeds
  • Superhuman Accuracy: Trap Queen is very accurate, and can place her traps exactly where she wants, as well as throw her knives exactly where she wants them to land
  • Decoy Creation: Trap Queen has the ability to create decoys of her, her Stand and other people or things, which is useful for tricking enemies. However, decoys fade away after being hit, and cannot do any damage.
  • Net Creation: Trap Queen can create a net that prevents people from pulling out their Stands. Even if they're trapping a non-Stand user, it is a very heavy net, and it is likely the trapped person won't be able to get it off.
  • Rewiring: Trap Queen can make it so that any switch or button that you press can do something else, like drop a net over you. Along with that, it can make any technology do a completely different function, as long as it is within the machinery's limits.
  • Pit Creation: Trap Queen can create a hidden pit that goes as deep as 30 feet. It can be activated by a button or just someone standing on top of it.
  • Rope Generation: Trap Queen can create 200 foot long chains from each of its arms, which can be separated from the arms and used as a trip wire or a tripper in general, or attached to the arms and used as a lasso of sorts
  • Temporary Invisibility: Trap Queen has the ability to make it and its user, Rollike, invisible for exactly 3 seconds, this can be useful to get out of hairy situations.
  • Bear Trap Creation: Trap Queen has the ability to create multitudes of bear traps, which can be useful for keeping an opponent in place, as she can stick them to the floor at will
  • * Knife Throwing: Trap Queen has the ability to throw knives, and due to its Superhuman Accuracy, it is guaranteed to nearly never miss.

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