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Underground Stand fighting (地下スタンドの戦い Chika Sutando no Tatakai?), often referred to simply as Stand fighting (スタンド戦う Sutando Tatakau?) is a new underground sport that has emerged in the reset universe. It and the secrets behind it form the main basis of Standpunk Underground.

Founded some time after the discovery of the meteorite in this universe, it was created by several "noteworthy individuals" of impressive wealth and great reach, among them the man known only as Judas Priest. It is a rich man's entertainment, preying on their lust for new and exotic experiences, and it receives most of its funding from this avenue. Official records held by the Speedwagon Foundation claim that it began in Greenland, and it has sense spread throughout the rest of the world. Similar to actual street fighting, upon which it is based in part, there are no official rules except those decided by participants before a battle. There is also no set "arena"; Stand fights can take place anywhere. Anyone can take part should they come into possession of a Stand. These people are known as "competitors" (ライバル Raibaru?, sometimes translated as "Rivals") or Stand fighters (スタンドファイター Sutando Faitā?), and in order to take part they generally find a "manager" (マネージャー Manējā?). Managers are in charge of training and taking care of their competitor, as well as finding new opponents for them to battle, arranging the time and (often, but not always) place of combat. Money is the general reward, with viewers and competitors able to bet on the fighters; the winner receives all of it. When up against a threat that is considered substantial, it is not unheard of for some competitors to attempt to take out the competition before the actual match.

Each area of the world which hosts Stand fighting appears to have its own system of "rep", where newcomers must earn it upon their arrival.

Stand fighters grouping together for support or team battles also appears to be legal, and whether or not they are having a fair fight seems to be irrelevant, as seen with the formation of the Joestar group and the various teams that challenge them over the course of their adventure. However, these fights are noted by Dante Inferiro Orlandrius to draw significantly less revenue due to their unfair nature.


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