These are Stands that only appear once, are only mentioned or have no name, all of which appear in the story Jojo's Alternate Adventure

Stardust Crusaders Edit

Rita Fort's Stand Edit

Rita's Stand is a robotic torso and head with pistons on its back, spiked leather strips along its shoulders and back and tubes connecting it to its user.

It has no personality.

It's ability is to poison its user, Rita did not have a fighting spirit, so to try and force her, this Stand attempts to kill her.

Trivia Edit

  • Its original name would be "Korn" after the eponymous metal band, but it was changed to be nameless.

Diamond is Unbreakable Edit

Yoneda Nijimura's Stand Edit

This is the Stand belonging to Shino Nijimura's mother, by getting cut with The Arrow, her Stand consumed her and she became a dog-like creature with spikes on its back and four eyes. All eyes are completely white and it has slightly long blonde hair.

She is able to speak a few different words, but she mostly communicates through grunts and whimpers.

This Stand makes Yoneda immortal, healing her instantly if she ever gets harmed.

Trivia Edit

  • This Stand was based on the infamous chimera from Full Metal Alchemist.

TBA Edit


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