Valentina "Kira" Bonnaparte
Valentina Bonnaparte.
Japanese Name ヴァリンティーナ・ボンナッパルテ
Romanized Name Varintiina Bonnapparute
Birth Name Valentina Bonnaparte
Namesake My Funny Valentine (Song by Chet Baker)

Napoleon Bonaparte (French leader)

Stand Killer Queen Cover
Age 47
Birthday Unknown
Date of Death 1932
Gender Female
Nationality English
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Magenta
Affiliation London Mafia
Occupation Killer, Mafia boss
Game Debut Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Battle Royale (Unlockable character)
Valentina Bonnaparte (ヴァリンティーナ・ボンナッパルテ "Varintiina Bonnapparute") Otherwise known as Kira (キラ) is the main antagonist of Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Old Yellow Bricks, the seventh part of the story.

She leads the London branch of the english mafia in the 1920's/30's of the alternate universe created after Adriano Pucci died at the hands of Emporio Alniño.

Appearence Edit

Valentina is a woman of about average height and build, the specifications are completely unknown. She has blonde hair, magenta eyes and her nails are dyed pitch black.

She wears a blue shirt under a white suit with black elbow patches and stitches, she also has a red tie with her symbol on it, a large V with a small cat-like skull above it. her pants match her suit in color, completely white, save for the stitches and knee patches, which are black. She wears pink and black sneakers with a yellow stamp of her symbol on either side.

Personality Edit


Relations Edit


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Abilities Edit

Main Article: Killer Queen Cover (JJAA)

Valentina's Stand is Killer Queen Cover, a "copy" of the original Killer Queen which she uses to erase anyone who witnesses her criminal activity before they can escape, it can turn objects into bombs, summon three tanks known as Sheer Heart Attack and plant a time warping bomb known as Under Pressure on an unsuspecting victim, to destroy anyone who questions the armed person about Valentina and her whereabouts.

Valentina is a well trained martial artist, shown when she tried to hold off against Johnny Joestar so that Under Pressure would take effect and she could deactivate it the next repeat.

Trivia Edit

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