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Veto Rendón
Japanese Name ヴィートー・レンドン
Romanized Name Vīto Rendon
English Name Veto Rendón (Viz Media)
Birth Name Augustus Giovanni Veto "Zepelli" Giovanna
Namesake Augustus
Led Zeppelin
Stand Checkmate
Age 18
Birthday October 26th
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Height 182 cm
Weight 68 kg.
Blood Type AB
Nationality Spanish
Hair Color Maroon
Eye Color Red
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Movie Zoolander
Favorite Food Chorizo
Favorite Actor Antonio Banderas
Favorite Animal Lion
Favorite Flower Tiger Lily
Favorite Musician Paco de Lucía
Occupation Student
Hobbies Games
Relatives Dio Brando (great-grandfather)
Jonathan Joestar (biological great-grandfather)
Diavolo (biological great-grandfather)
Giorno Giovanna (grandfather)
Trish Una (grandmother)
Alvar Rendón (Adoptive-Father)
Alphonse Gioannes Giovanna (father)
Valentina Caesar Zeppeli (mother)
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyuu Yuki Kaji
Voice Actor Matthew Mercer (English Dub)
You aren't fabulous.

—Veto Rendón

Veto Rendón (はし本 磯城, Hashimoto Aika?), born Augustus Veto Zepelli, is a a main character of Call of the Moon and a core ally to Shiki Yoshitake.

Initially a high school senior in Barcelona, Veto enjoyed playing games. After noticing that Shiki was a foreigner, and Japanese at that, he presumed he had a new "victim" to play with. Veto initiated a game with Shiki where he won with ease, and as a result, Shiki in accordance with the deal was force to give up his money. Aika Hashimoto who was extremely reluctant to give up their money, made Shiki try again.

At that point, Veto brought up a new game; a battle between Stands, his Checkmate vs Shiki's Moonlight Drive, after having noticed Shiki's Stand earlier. The prize of the fight was that the winner keeps all, their money and the opponents, in which Shiki won. After this Veto with no real family to speak of, decided to travel with Shiki in order to play more fun games with him, and others around the world (stealing his money back in the process).


Veto is a tall young man standing at 182 cm (6ft even), with a lean physique. Veto sports naturally maroon, spiky hair, and has has red eyes to match. A thing many notice with Veto are his slanted eyes which make him look like an "untrustworthy" person or a "sly fox". On his neck, rests the Joestar Birthmark. A prominent feature of Veto's are the with permanent bags under his eyes from sleep deprivation due to going out at night and gambling in the harsh streets of Barcelona, and not sleeping cause of school the next morning. As a Japanofile, he wears a yellow shirt which has the text "I (heart) humanity" in Kanji, which he thinks says "I (heart) being FABULOUS".


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