Waters of Nazareth
Ocean man
Japanese Name ナザレの海域
English Name Waters of Nazareth
User Trin Dynoliae
Namesake Waters of Nazareth by Justice
Destructive Power C
Speed C
Range C
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential E

Waters of Nazareth is the Stand of the first main antagonist of Jojo's Odd Adventure Part 7.


Waters of Nazareth is a primarily blue humanoid type Stand with an ocean theme on it. It wears a white and gold helmet that looks like it's part of a shell. It appears to wear shoulder pads and a belt of foam, along with the areas around the fists. The color gets whiter the farther it goes down the body, by the time it reaches the shoes it is completely white. Waters has 2 shells on either side of the foot and 3 on the back. Along with that, it has spindly white fingers with gold joints.

Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Control over Water: Waters of Nazareth has the ability to control water and attack his enemies with it, being able to slice them apart, mash them together or drown them.
  • Pulling Water: When Trin Dynoliae said "There is water everywhere on earth" he meant it. He has the ability to pull water from anything and control it. Whether it's from a person or from the air, he has no trouble doing it. However, Jolly was immune, as his body components were different from a human's and therefore were only made minimally of water.
  • Turning into Water: Waters can turn both itself and its user, Trin, into water, effectively making them invincible to most damage.

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