Werewolf of London
Japanese Name ウィアウルフ・オブ・ロンドン
User Stardusk
Namesake Werewolves of London (Song by Warren Zevon)
Destructive Power C->A
Speed A
Range D
Durability A
Precision D->B
Developmental Potential A->D
Werewolf of London (ウィアウルフ・オブ・ロンドン "Wiaurufu obu rondon") Is the Stand of Stardusk in the first 2 parts of Blossom's Bizarre Adventure

Appearence Edit

Part I: War N' Peace Edit

In part I, Werewolf of London appears as a muscular werewolf, it's eyes are pitch black with yellow pupils and it's teeth and claws are very sharp. It also has a long dog tail

Part II: Play to Kill Edit

In part II, WoL is bigger, it's head and lower legs are now robotic and it has some sort of double barrel cannon on it's back. It's eyes have changed to being dark grey with red pupils. It also seems to have a piece of armor resembling a rib cage around it's chest.

Personality Edit

In both parts, Werewolf of London occasionally roars to seem threatening, it's Stand cry (vocalized by it's user) is 'MUDA MUDA MUDA..."

Abilities Edit

Part I: War N' Peace Edit

Enhanced Strength/Speed/etc.:Obviously, this Stand can fight with punches, in it's first "form" it is much weaker, as it essencially belongs to a child.

Part II: Play to Kill Edit

Enhanced Strength/Speed/etc.:Naturally, this ability carried over to the future, but now WoL is much stronger.

Gun Summoning: Werewolf of London now has the power to create and use any type of gun, from simple pistols to miniguns.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Werewolf of London is one of the only Stands in Blossom's Bizarre Adventure to appear in two consecutive parts

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