Japanese Name
User Forowa Epoch
Namesake The Wings - Paul McCartney's band)
Destructive Power A
Speed C
Range E
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential D

Wings is an armor Stand that not only protects the user and flies, but can generate almost any weapon from the suit itself.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

  • Weapon Generation: Wings can create any weapon that the user thinks of and attack enemies with them. However, the user can only create one weapon at a time, and when that weapon runs out of ammo or breaks, it disappears. To create another weapon, the user has to wait another 30 seconds.
  • Flight: As the name states, this Stand has the ability of flight. However, it can only fly as fast as 20 mph, as it's speed stat is only that of a normal human being.
  • Armor: The Stand itself is armor, and naturally, it can take a fair amount of hits.

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