I can tell what the four winds are saying. My Stand has strong connections to its gentle breezes...who are filled with the voices of some of my ancestors, who happen to be either idiotic or quite high of themselves.
Japanese Name ザナドゥ
User Charlotte Gainsborough
Namesake Xanadu (A song by Rush)
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range B
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential C
Xanadu (ザナドゥ Zanado) is the Stand of Charlotte Gainsborough, featured in JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution.

Appearance & Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

  • The Four Winds: Xanadu can control the primodrial winds from all corners, each with their own unique properties. To her own liking, Charlotte prefers to manipulate the northern winds which are very cold in nature that they can turn even the hottest of flames into solid ice and has the option to induce frostbite and hypothermia. The western winds are significantly hot, instantly lighting fire on a patch of grass with a simple breeze, although she has control on which must be burned by the wind, and can cause stinging burns. The southern winds have the ability to whip up miniature stormclouds that spout out electricfying raindrops which, as the name suggests, produce an electrical shock that can render any living target immobile within a short period. The stormclouds themselves can be utilized for offensive purposes, meeting the command of covering the target's head to induce asphyxiation. Finally, the eastern winds dish out thick fogs that completely confuses anyone trapped within its range. Xanadu can also create orbs of light before the people Charlotte chooses, that were also caught within the fog, guiding them to way out. Apparently, Xanadu cannot control all four winds in one go.
    • Tongue of the Four Winds: Charlotte can also communicate with the either among the four winds, regardless of which location she is in. She typicall does this to seek guidance from her ancestors about what to do whenever she feels cornered in a dire situation or which way her group must travel with lesser chances of getting lost along the dimensions. This is the least used of all of Xanadu's abilities as since it allows communication between her and her ancestors, it's completely random to find a trustworthy predecessor with that having a very rare chance, and the ones Charlotte communicate with are mostly goofballs or quite snobby. As usual, she cannot communicate with any sort of wind produced by artificial means.
    • Healing Breeze:
    • Elemental Twister:
  • Supernatural Speed:

Trivia Edit

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