Yoshikage Kira's Quiet Life is an alternate setting for Part 6: Stone Ocean created due to a change of events on Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable.


In 1999, during the time loops created by Bites the Dust, Yoshikage Kira achived his goal of killing the gurdians of Morioh, Jotaro Kujo included. Forcing Rohan Kishibe to use his Stand to erase Hayato Kawajiri's memories about his real identity, Kira succeed on obtaining his "quiet life".

Jolyne Cujoh, Jotaro's daugther, grew up without knowing the real cause for her father's death. Now in 2012, she is found by Passione's member Guido Mista, who led her to Passione's boss Giorno Giovanna, which told her about Morioh, saying that the secret about her father's death is hiding in that town. Jolyne, Mista and Giorno head to Morioh to find the truth about Jotaro's death, with Yoshikage Kira being aware of this people trying to spoil his quiet life.

Summary Edit

Jotaro Kujo Bites the Dust Edit

The time loops created by Bites the Dust finally killed every guardian of Morioh, Yoshikage Kira finally has a clean road to his quiet life. Rohan Kishibe died one last time, this time erasing Hayato's memories trough the using of Heaven's Door. Kira and Hayato return to their home, with Shinobu waiting for them with dinner.

Months after the battle with Josuke, Kira and Hayato have developed a real father-son relationship, with Hayato trusting Kira as his own father, during one of their conversations, Hayato revealed to Kira that he feels something is missing, but he doesn't know what it is, Kira, thinking he possibly erased something in Hayato's brain aside from his memories, tells him to not worry about it. Shinobu, now being pregnant of Kira, thanks that her family has finally achieved happiness.

On another side, a child Jolyne is crying on her bed, sad about his father's mysterious death.

Enrico Pucci, Emporio Alniño and Narciso Anasui Edit

May, 2012, a 19 years old Jolyne Cujoh is heading to the Green Dolphin prison, to visit her boyfriend and talk about something with the head of the prison. After having entered the prison, Jolyne went to talk to a man. This man, Enrico Pucci, is the head of the prison, he is a Floridian gay roman catholic priest, usually being hated by his partners due to his homosexuality, but being respected inside the prison.

Pucci lead Jolyne to his office, being there, Pucci's butler, Emporio Alniño, prepared the tea for both, Jolyne was confused about Pucci's butler being an 11 years old kid, but Emporio said that he was born inside the prison and that his mother was killed when he was only a baby, since then, Pucci took care of him, being almost like a father for him.

Pucci wanted to talk with Jolyne about an important topic: Jotaro Kujo. Pucci said that his "friend", DIO, was known by Jotaro, and the two didn't like each other, but both of them died by unknown means, which lead him to feel sorry for Jotaro's death, the same way, Jolyne felt sorry for DIO's death.

Jolyne went to talk to his boyfriend Anasui after this, telling him about being confused about her father's death, Anasui tried to comfort Jolyne, saying that all is well. Outside the prison, a strange man called for Jolyne's name, when Jolyne looked at him, she didn't recognize who he was, but he had a rather menacing look. He handled out a gun, pointing at Jolyne and shooting her, Jolyne felt unconscious after this.

Jolyne Cujoh! Meets Giorno Giovanna Edit

Jolyne woke up being tied to a chair, the man from before was pointing at her with a gun from the left, and in front of her, a golden haired man was sitting on a throne, having a strange turtle at his right. Jolyne asked the golden haired man who he was, the blond didn't answer, but the gun man told her that he was the boss of Italy's most important gangster's mob, Passione.

Passione's boss decided to talk, he introduce himself as Giorno Giovanna, saying he is DIO's son, Jolyne, shocked after hearing DIO had a son, ask him about his father. Giorno told her that he never met his father, but his consigliere did, and he told him all he knows about DIO, Jolyne ask to know where the consigliere is, with Giorno saying that he is right here, pointing with his finger the turtle at his side. Jolyne was confused about the fact he was pointing to the turtle, so Jolyne insulted Giorno for saying none senses, the gun man then tried to shot Jolyne, but Giorno told him, Guido Mista, to calm down. Jolyne, Mista and Giorno looked at the turtle, until a silver haired man appeared from it, Jolyne was shocked, she recognized the man, calling him Uncle Polnareff.

Mista asked Jolyne how she knew about Polnareff, but Polnareff says she is the daughter of an old friend of him. Giorno then said to Jolyne that he needed to talk to her about something, Jolyne, originally being nervous of what the mob boss will do to her, accepted after seeing Polnareff trusted him.

Giorno then took Jolyne's pendant, telling her the story of the Bow and Arrow, saying the pendant is just a little piece of an arrow, after taking his own Arrow, Giorno pierced Jolyne with it, after this, Jolyne awakened her Stand, Stone Free, now being able to see Mista's gun had a Stand close to it, Sex Pistols, which Mista use as an upgrade to his gun. Giorno told her about Polnareff's bizarre adventure with her father, saying that her father was the one who killed his, due to DIO's plan of using his Stand, The World, to kill the Joestar Family. Finally, Giorno told her about the last thing her father was reported to do: travel to Morioh, a small town in Japan, Giorno told that he needs to found out the reason behind Jotaro's death to fulfill his family record, Jolyne was disgusted of Giorno's selfish plan, but tried to use the chance to find the truth behind her father's death, so she accepted.

After this, Giorno bought 3 airplane tickets to travel to Morioh with Jolyne and Mista, he also wanted to take Polnareff there, so he disguising him as his pet so he hasn't to pay for a forth ticket, after this, the trio headed to Japan, to find out the truth behind Jotaro's death.

Meanwhile, in someplace in Morioh, a man, Kosaku Kawajiri, is living a quiet life with his family.

Welcome to Morioh Edit

Giorno, Jolyne, Mista and Polnareff arrived at Morioh. Polnareff tells them about Jotaro traveling to Morioh to visit his uncle, Josuke Higashikata, which is also reported as death by an unknown cause since the summer of 1999, Polnareff says he hacked his bank account, now owned by Tomoko Higashikata, and now they have to go to the bank to retire the money.

When the trio arrived to the bank, Kosaku looked at them, finding Jolyne's hands beautiful, Kosaku begin getting a bad feeling, with his nails growing more as more he thinks about Jolyne, so Kosaku decided to keep an eye on her. Jolyne talked to the banker, revealing her surname, in the moment she said, Kosaku instantly remembered Jotaro, thinking Jolyne may be related to Jotaro, Kosaku decided to retreat.

The trio then decided to head to Tomoko's house, to know more about the Higashikata, meanwhile, Kosaku told his son, Yoshimaru Kawajiri, to use his "special power" to stop those robbers, pointing at Jolyne and company, then Yoshimaru went to fight them, while Kosaku made a malicious grin.

Yoshimaru Kawajiri (Roundabout) Edit

Jolyne, Giorno and Mista were at the door of the bank, when a 12 years old kid appeared in front of them, the kid told them that is stealing is a bad act and shouldn’t be done, Mista was annoyed by the kid so he pushed him, mid-way in the air, the kid made a spiral move with his left wrist, returning to his standing position, Jolyne was confused, but Giorno ask who he was, the kid introduced himself as Yoshimaru Kawajiri, calling Jolyne and company evil robbers while saying he has to stop every bad person in Morioh.

Giorno summoned Gold Expirence, asking the kid if he can saw it, Yoshimaru nodded, saying that Giorno has a cool looking Stand, Mista then knew the kid was an Stand user, so he shot him in the torso, Yoshimaru made the same spiral move as before and was instantly healed, Yoshimaru said that the play time was fun, but that he has to return home, moving his wrist in the opposite direction, Mista suddenly had a bullet hole trough his torso.

Giorno attacked the kid using a MUDA MUDA MUDA barrage, but Yoshimaru moved his wrist in the opposite direction again and Giorno was bleeding from his injuries. Mista and Giorno were confused, they couldn't see Yoshimaru's Stand, and the kid somehow was using it to attack them.

Jolyne summoned Stone Free, saying she found the secret behind Yoshimaru's Stand: it has the power to rewind time, if he move wrist in spiral the effects from attacks will annul, but if he move the spiral in the opposite direction, the attacks will return to the attacker. Yoshimaru was impressed she found the secret of his Stand, revealing it as Roundabout, showing the form of the Stand as a wristband he has on his left arm.

Jolyne then used Stone Free's string to tie Yoshimaru's left arm, so he couldn't move his wrist in spiral, Jolyne then came closer to Yoshimaru, saying that she is disgusted of selfish people like him, attacking him with an ORA ORA ORA barrage, knocking him out.

Giorno used his Stand to heal the kid, which told them there is someone they have to meet, a man who is known in Morioh as "The Man who Never gets Old". Giorno wanted to avoid the kid, but Jolyne told him that they will go with him to meet that man, Mista asked her why, but she only said she has some question to ask to a local man.

The trio then followed Yoshimaru to where the man works; meanwhile, Kosaku was already at home, waiting for news from his son about Jolyne.

The Man who Never gets Old Edit

Jolyne, Giorno, Mista and Yoshimaru arrived at an office center, where Jolyne saw what looked like an 11 years old kid working, Yoshimaru told them that they were in the place and that the kid looking man in front of them is "The Man who Never gets Old", Jolyne was confused about the man looking like a kid, so she went to ask him.

When the kid looking man saw Yoshimaru, he said that he told Yoshimaru about stop showing him to every person he meets, after which Yoshimaru apologize, he then introduced himself as 24 years old man having the appearance of a kid, and when Jolyne asked for his name and how he met Yoshimaru, the man said Yoshimaru is his younger brother, saying his name is Hayato Kawajiri.

Giorno asked Hayato if he knows about Yoshimaru's "special ability", Hayato nodded, saying he knows it is a Stand, but as he doesn't have a Stand of his own, he never saw it, Mista asked Hayato how he knew about Stands, Hayato asked saying that his father, Kosaku, told him about them some years ago, stating that both his brother and his father have a Stand, and that his pet, Stray Cat, is also some kind of Stand.

Giorno then asked Hayato about one of the most important questions in his life: if he wanted to have his own Stand. Hayato said he always wanted to have a Stand, but his father never wanted to give him one, being afraid the Arrow will reject him; Giorno was shocked after hearing Hayato's father also had an Arrow, but then decided to use his own Arrow to give Hayato a Stand, so Giorno pierced Hayato with his Arrow.

Hayato suddenly felt something different, summoning a pink energy-made bow and arrow, stating that it was his Stand, Hayato then looked to Yoshimaru's wrist, finally being able to see his Stand, then Hayato decided to name his Stand, after thinking a moment, he named it I Want You.

Hayato said he wanted to use I Want You's power as soon as possible, but he doesn't know what it does. Giorno said that he can use Mista to prove his Stand, with Mista being angry at this, Hayato looked through the his bow sight, noticing various options like those of the computers appearing in his mind, after choosing one, he pierced Mista.

Mista then noticed something different, he had an afro on his head, Hayato then said his Stand Power is to change other's appearance, Giorno then stated that he thinks an ability like that will be useful on his investigation, Hayato then said that he will take free the rest of the day, to practice with his Stand, also wanting to know what investigation Giorno is talking about, so Giorno decided to told him about Jotaro.

Yoshimaru's new "Toys" Edit

Yoshimaru and Hayato came to home, only to be welcomed by Kosaku, who asked Yoshimaru what happened to the robbers, Yoshimaru answered saying he took care of them, Kosaku warned Yoshimaru about abusing of his Stand, Hayato then asked about Stray Cat, because it had a fight with a dog, and while the dog was killed, Stray Cat was hurt, Kosaku said Shinobu took Stray Cat to the vet.

Yoshimaru and Hayato were heading upstairs, until Kosaku asked about the things Yoshimaru had on his hands, Yoshimaru answered there were some toys Hayato bought him, Kosaku said they looked nice, so the brothers went to their bedroom.

Hayato then used IWY to undone the transformation, with the dolls changing their form back to Jolyne, Giorno and Mista, who were transformed by Hayato to be unnoticed by Kosaku, Jolyne then asked the duo what they think Kosaku wants with them, Hayato said he has no idea, but wonders why he lied to Yoshimaru about what happened at the bank.

Kosaku was at the attic, bitting his nails, he noticed what the toys were and he had urges to kill, if he wanted to obtain Jolyne's hand he has to do something, he then remembered his servants, a group of 5 Stand users, some of them created by his Arrow, others just joined him for personal reasons, he had no other choice, even Hayato and his son betrayed him, he know that if wanted Jolyne's hand, he had to kill the ones around her, but he can't do it by himself, or he will be discovered.

Kosaku knocked Hayato's door, he then used his Stand as fast as he could to transform Jolyne & Co., he then let Kosaku enter, Kosaku told Yoshimaru that his classmate, Ikki Bowie, wanted to play with him at the Bowie's house, Kosaku also said it will be a nice chance to play with his new toys, Hayato was worried, he had no idea how to react, but Yoshimaru just said yes, then Kosaku said he will tell that to Ikki, Hayato asked Yoshimaru what he is planning, Yoshimaru said he will take Jolyne there, play with him, and go back home, now Hayato was even more worried.

Let's Go Play at the Bowie's House Edit

Yoshimaru and Jolyne headed to the Bowie's house, so they can play with Ikki, arriving there, they knocked the door, and it was opened by Deivid, Ikki's older brother, then, Deivid leaded Yoshimaru to where Ikki was, before leaving the kids, Deivid asked them if they wanted vanilla ice cream to eat, Yoshimaru and Ikki nodded.

After playing for half an hour, Deivid entered the room, saying that Kira sent him a mission, Yoshimaru who Kira was, with Ikki only asking that Kira is Deivid's boss, Deivid then reveled his mission: he had to kill Jolyne, saying that he knows that Jolyne is the toy Yoshimaru bring, before Yoshimaru could react, Ikki already took Jolyne, saying he will help his brother on the mission, Deivid then said that he will use his Stand to finish this as quickly as possible, with everything around Yoshimaru starting to levitate, Deivid then asked Yoshimaru which was his goal, Yoshimaru said that his only goal is "justice", and that he will protect Jolyne no matter what.

Deivid threw one of the chairs in the house to hit Yoshimaru, but Yoshimaru used Roundabout to rewind the damage, Deivid stated that Yoshimaru had a time-manipulating Stand, so there should be a limit to the time he can rewind, so he made levitate a saltshaker, and began to use the salt as bullets, hitting Yoshimaru with every one of them, Yoshimaru tried to use to Roundabout, but only a part of the damage was annulled, Deivid said that Yoshimaru's limit was 10 seconds, and that if he continued attacking, he will be unable to annul it.

Jolyne was strongly hold by Ikki's right hand, Ikki told her that she is a really cute girl, and asked her if she wanted to kiss him, Jolyne denied, saying that she already has a boyfriend, Ikki then remembered her that she was only 10 cm. tall, and that if he wanted, he will kiss her, Ikki started approaching Jolyne to his mouth to kiss her, but Jolyne summoned Stone Free, which also was of her size, but used it to hit Ikki with an ORA ORA ORA barrage on the nose, freeing her from the "giant's" hand.

Jolyne looked at Yoshimaru, he was bleeding from the salt-bullets impacts all over his body, Jolyne then noticed Ikki just behind her, who said that he will stomp over her for what she did to his nose, Ikki lifted his foot, but before he could stomp Jolyne, Deivid stop him, saying that he has to bring Jolyne's body to Kira, while looking at Ikki's foot, Jolyne noticed some small gray creatures holding it, then Jolyne knew it: it was Deivid's Stand.

Jolyne used Stone Free's strings to tie them, leaving the left half of Deivid's body paralyzed, Deivid congratulated Jolyne for noticing his Stand, Thriller, a group of small gray creatures he used to make things "levitate", when Deivid turned back to look at Yoshimaru, he was already gone, trying to find it, Ikki told him that he was just besides him, when Deivid looked at his left, he noticed Yoshimaru, which punched him in the face, doing this, Thriller retreated back to Deivid, then Yoshimaru went in a rampage and punched Ikki on his stomach, after that, he took Jolyne, and threw her to where Deivid was, mid-air, Jolyne used Stone Free's string to tie Deivid's hands, and when she felt on his face, she threw him an ORA ORA ORA barrage.

Jolyne and Yoshimaru arrived back at home, telling all what happened to Hayato and Co. after being healed by Gold Expirence, Giorno then said that they needed to know who Kira was and how Kosaku is related to him, Polnareff then remembered them about Tomoko Higashikata, saying that she probably had some answers, and so, the group decided that tomorrow, they will visit the Higashikata house.

The Guardians of Morioh Edit

Jolyne, Giorno, Mista, Hayato and Yoshimaru arrived at the Higashikata house, before they could knock the door, Tomoko open it, saying that she has things to tell to the group.

Tomoko said that her son, Josuke Higashikata, is Jotaro's uncle, making her Jolyne's grand-aunt, Mista asked how old she is, but Jolyne punched him, saying that no one can ask that to a woman, but Tomoko said it was fine, saying that she was 49 years old, but that she still retains some of her youth. Giorno went right to the point and asked what she knew about Jotaro's death, she told him that all she knows was told to her by Yukako Yamagishi, who is also death since 1999.

Tomoko told them the bizarre adventure his son had with Jotaro, saying that the last thing known about him was that he was searching for Yoshikage Kira, Jolyne asked her what she knew about this Kira, sadly, Tomoko said that she didn't know anything aside from him being a serial killer, but said that maybe Josuke's friend's houses (Okuyasu's, Koichi's and Rohan's) had clues about the killer.

Giorno thanked the woman for her help, Tomoko said that she wish she could do something more, but Jolyne told her that she didn't need to do more and just leave the rest to them. Giorno decided to create a new Passione team, formed by the four people around him, Jolyne said that she will lead the team, but that they need a name, then Yoshimaru said that he had an idea: Jotaro Kujo's Death Investigation Team. Everybody agreed with him and decided that tomorrow; Mista will go to the Nijimura house, Jolyne to the Hirose house and Giorno to the Kishibe house.

Guns N' Roses Edit

Mista arrived to the Nijimura house, the door was open and all the lights were off. Mista didn't have time to think about those details before entering, he noticed the house was silent, like nobody was there, he could hear his own footsteps, something that bugged him, so he stopped walking, but even after that, he still hears footsteps, noting that the footsteps weren't his, he started looking around until he saw a man with a cowboy hat standing in the corner.

Mista asked the man who he was, but the man revealed a gun, and started shooting Mista, Mista used the couch besides him to cover himself from the bullets, but even after some minutes, the man still had bullets and continued shooting, with some of the bullets hitting Mista.

Mista shot two bullets, but the man shot even more bullets to block them, Mista then noticed that he has only four bullets left, he tried to see if he had some ammo, but he didn't, cursing the fact that he only has four. Mista asked the man his name and why he is shooting him, the man said he is shooting him because he was asigned by Kira to do so, and that his name is Entire Horse, user of the Stand Guns N' Roses, which grants him unlimited ammo, Mista said he heard his name before, saying Entire is famous for his shooting abilities, Mista now started questioning himself if the Stand had something to do with them.

Mista notice that with his Stand he can take advantage over Entire, so he shot one bullet to the wall and bounced it to Entire's direction, but he simply used a bullet to block it, saying that he can see where the bullets move, that being the secret of his legendary abilities, Mista then cursed the fact that he will shoot his four bullet, but he did it anyway, but it was blocked too.

Mista then noticed the perfect way to defeat Entire, so he shot his last bullets, making then bounce, only to not get even close to Entire. Entire told to Mista that now he is bullet-less, so he has to surrender, so Mista starts to get close to Entire, Entire told him that a legendary shooter like him cannot be defeated using a gun, Mista agreed, but saying that he knows the way to defeat him, so Entire asked Mista which is the way to defeat him, so Mista just said Uno and Tre, in that moment, all was silent, and Entire felt to the ground. Mista explained that the bullets that failed actually continued bouncing with objects outside the house, so when Mista ordered Sex Pistols to return saying their names, the bullets hit Entire on the chest, killing him.

Mista continued looking around the house and noticed some noises on the closet, so he opened and noticed a weird green creature on it, Mista just closed the door and ran out of the house while screaming, saying that maybe Entire killed everybody because he didn't find anyone.

Giorno's Dream Edit

Giorno was going to Rohan's house; he knew that the mangaka was a really rich man, so he probably had something there. While Giorno was getting closer, another man was following him. Giorno noticed that someone was following him, so he started moving from one side to another, but the man was still there, Giorno the went to an alley, so the man would stop following him, but he continued.

Now with both inside the alley, Giorno turned back and asked the man what he wanted, the man didn't say a word, but rather threw a grenade to where Giorno was, Giorno retreated to avoid the explosion, but it didn't explode, instead, it started filling the alley in a weird gas, Giorno then started to feel tired, noticing the man had a smoke gas, then Giorno knew it: it was sleep gas, but before he could do something, he felt asleep.

Giorno awoke in a weird place, but also noticed a weird reaper-like creature in front of him. Death Thirteen, the reaper-like Stand, attacks Giorno, Giorno tries to summon Gold Experience, but nothing happens, and he is attacked by The Death. Giorno then said that he remembers something like this in a movie he watched, Freddy Krueger, saying that the horror movie wasn't scary, but maybe that is because he has seen things that are even worse, so Giorno said that he needs to fight horror with horror.

Giorno, concentrating while Death Thirteen was attacking him, remembered what the Speedwagon Foundation told him. Death Thirteen felt that Giorno lost all his body heat, thinking he killed him, until Giorno started moving again, with a frozen breath, his eyes turned red and his fangs grew, he turned into a vampire. Giorno let his vampire side attack instead of himself, thinking that maybe the assassin instincts that the vampires have are what makes him such a violent person. Vampire Giorno continued attacking The Death, being completely useless. The man then noticed something weird, Giorno's body started to move, now that he is undead, he is not sleep anymore, so the Vampire just sucked the blood of the man, killing him.

Giorno then returned to normal, noticing the dead man and all the injuries in his body, not caring about the man, he felt unconscious before he could summon Gold Experience to heal himself.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Round 2 Edit

Jolyne was heading to the Hirose house, when suddenly an oddly dressed man appeared. The man told Jolyne that every man has done wrong things, and that she needs to be able to forgive them, then the man just ran to another site, leaving Jolyne extremely confused. Jolyne continued and the man appeared again, saying that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world because China has a huge population, and that Spanish is the language spoken officially in most countries, meaning that learning English is stupid and useless, and then the man just ran away again.

Jolyne was in front of the house, but the man appeared again, saying that using inches and pounds is wrong because it goes against the international system, he was stopped by Jolyne before he could finish the sentence. Jolyne who he is and what he wants, the man said his name is Ken Oyanagi, and that he wants to play rock-paper-scissors with her until one of them wins 3 times in a row, Jolyne accepted so he would stop annoying her.

With Ken and Jolyne ready, the game started, Ken played scissors while Jolyne played rock, making her the winner. In the second round, Ken played paper and Jolyne played scissors, making her the winner. In the third round, Ken played paper and Jolyne played rock, making Ken the winner, suddenly, Stone Free was being absorbed by Ken, Ken said that if he wins 3 times in a row, he would steal her Stand, Jolyne asked him why he is doing it, with Ken saying that he is serving Kira.

In the fourth round, Ken played rock and Jolyne played scissors, making Ken the winner, and another part of Stone Free was absorbed by Boy II Man. In the fifth round, Ken played rock and Jolyne played paper, making her the winner. In the sixth round, Ken played scissors and Jolyne played rock, making her the winner. In the seventh round, Jolyne think that she discovered Ken's pattern, saying it is scissors-paper-paper-rock-rock, so as he just played scissors, he will play paper now, so the round started, Jolyne played scissors and Ken played paper, just as she predicted, winning 3 times in a row, Ken has lost.

Ken said that he failed, but that he will continue practicing rock-paper-scissors so he could defeat anyone, after that, he departed. Jolyne looked inside the house; apparently, the Hirose family has moved to another town after Koichi's death, and with them, all the possible evidence they could have was gone. Having failed too, Jolyne decided to return with Hayato to tell him what happened.

Savage Garden Edit

Jolyne returned to where Hayato was, noticing Mista is also there, Jolyne asked them where is Giorno, Yoshimaru said Giorno hadn't returned yet, asking himself where he was. Hayato said that he needs to find Giorno; they cannot leave him to be discovered, so he decided to go after him.

Hayato went to the library, noticing Giorno wasn't at Rohan's house like he was supposed to; so he started looking for a map of the town. While looking for Giorno, Hayato noticed something strange: the plants were moving, and going to his direction. Hayato avoided the plants, but these continued growing and looking for him.

Hayato was running all over the library, until he heard a voice, he couldn't see where it was coming from, so started looking. Hayato then found where the voice was coming from: a book. Hayato noticed thanks to IWY that the book was actually a person transformed, so he used his Stand to return him to normal.

The man that came out of the book started crying of happiness after so many years of not being human, he said his name is Terunosuke Miyamoto and that he owes Hayato his life. The Enigma boy told Hayato that he wants to take him to a place, but then the plants appeared, making them run out of the place. Hayato noticed something even worst, every plant is now turning into gigantic roots, and they are going after him.

The Enigma boy and Hayato started, noticing that none of them have an offensive Stand, they cannot counterattack the roots. The duo eventually made it to the park, to where the Angelo Rock was, Terunosuke then told Hayato that he heard people talking about this humanoid rock, and that he needs to use IWY on it, so Hayato did so. The rock turned into Angelo, saying he has been a rock for a really long time, Hayato then said that they need a plan to defeat the plants, so he told them to tell him what do their Stands do.

Angelo made Aqua Necklace enters a watering can, and used it to feed the plants, Hayato said that Aqua Necklace will travel to the origin of the roots: the Stand user who is attacking them. Suddenly, they heard someone yelling like a girl, and when they turned around, they noticed Aqua Necklace trying to enter a man's mouth.

Hayato asked the man who he was, the man introduced himself asking Hayato if he remembers him, Hayato then knew it: it was Kimura, his childhood friend. Kimura then told Hayato that he is the leader of Kira's Servants, and that he is using his Stand, Savage Garden, in order to kill him. Hayato asked Kimura why he is helping Kira, but Kimura only said that he clearly doesn't know who Kira is.

Angelo then tried to attack Kimura, saying that if isn't willing to reveal who Kira is, he will use Aqua Necklace to kill him, and Kimura started yelling like a girl again, so Terunosuke now knew which his tell is. The Enigma boy told Angelo to torture Kimura, so Angelo made Aqua Necklace enters his mouth, making him yell like a girl again, so Terunosuke active Enigma, sealing Kimura in a piece of paper.

The Last Step Edit

Hayato then took the piece of paper and turned it into an ant; he placed the ant on the ground, and made his foot stand over it, but stepping at his side, saying that if he hurts people again, he will step over him. Taking the ant, he said farewell to Angelo and the Enigma boy, now working as a team for their personal reasons.

Hayato eventually found Giorno on the alley and took him to home, just like his new ant pet. Hayato told the group that they need to go to Rohan's house to investigate, Giorno said that they can go using IWY during the night: when nobody is watching, they shrink so they can enter without leaving clues, and investigate inside the house. Everybody agreed, willing to take the last step to find out who Kira is.

As planned, they went to Rohan's house during the night, without nobody noticing it, Rohan's house is an touristic place, with hundreds visiting it every day. Giorno told the group that they need to find any evidence about Kira, so they need to search everywhere.

Jolyne, Giorno, Mista, Hayato and Yoshimaru searched for hours, before they found some photos showing Rohan's investigation about Kira. After seeing all the pictures and Giorno joined the points, they came to a conclusion: Yoshikage Kira is Kosaku Kawajiri.

Yoshimaru started crying over the fact that his father was a killer, but Hayato told him that they need to stop him before he can do something else, so Hayato used IWY on himself to look like a teenager, saying that is time to confront Kira.

Yoshikage Kira & Kosaku Kawajiri Edit

The next day, Kosaku was waiting in the attic, knowing that now that all his servants were gone, Jolyne & Co. will go after him, eventually, they came with him.

Hayato asked Kosaku who he really was, Kosaku had no other choice but to say the truth, he said he is Yoshikage Kira, he killed Kosaku Kawajiri 13 years ago and stole his life. Kira noticed Hayato looking older, and taller, asking how he suddenly changed, Hayato said that his Stand I Want You granted him the power, and that he will use it on him to stop seeing his father's face on a killer, so with IWY, Kira returned to his original self, with Jolyne saying that he looks like David Bowie.

Kira was pleased to have his old appearance back, saying that he fells a decade younger, Hayato told Kira that he wants all the truth, so Kira told him that his servants are a group of people that he helped in the past, and now they wanted to show him something in return, Kimura was the one he trusted the most, his second in command to say it in a way, but now all of them failed on their missions, creating the current situation.

Kira said that 13 years ago, his Stand granted him the power to loop time, so he would not be discovered, he planted the bomb on Hayato, he eventually killed one by one everyone of his enemies, Giorno asked if one of those was Jotaro Kujo, with Kira confirming it. Rohan's Stand allowed him to enter Hayato's mind and erase all his memories from this, but accidently, he also erased his brain hormones' functions related to growing, making him have the physic of a kid for the rest of life, Hayato started crying, saying all the things he suffered all his life thanks to never growing were his guilt.

Kira said that it was all the truth, asking them to battle him, Giorno was confused, so he asked him what he meant, Kira said that he told them all the truth, but he will not let them escape alive.

Fully-Developed Killer Queen Edit

Characters Edit

Name Stand Relationships Role
Jolyne Cujoh Stone Free Jotaro's daugther

Anasui's girlfriend

Main Protagonist
Giorno Giovanna Gold Expirence DIO's son

Passione's boss

Main Ally
Guido Mista Sex Pistols Passione's underboss Main Ally
Hayato Kawajiri I Want You Shinobu's son

Kira's adoptive son

Yoshimaru's brother

Main Ally (Formerly Neutral)
Yoshimaru Kawajiri Roundabout Kira's son

Hayato's brother

Shinobu's son

Main Ally (Formerly Antagonist)
Jean Pierre Polnareff (in Coco Jumbo's body) Mr.President Passione's consigliere Ally
Terunosuke Miyamoto Enigma Josuke's former enemy Ally
Angelo Aqua Necklace Josuke's former enemy Ally
Tomoko Higashikata N/A Josuke's mother Minor Ally
Shinobu Kawajiri N/A Hayato's mother

Yoshimaru's mother

Kira's "wife"

Narciso Anasui Diver Down Jolyne's boyfriend Neutral
Enrico Pucci Whitesnake DIO's "friend" Neutral
Emporio Alniño Burning Down the House Pucci's butler Neutral
Jotaro Kujo Star Platinum Jolyne's father

Josuke's nephew

Josuke Higashikata Crazy Diamond Jotaro's uncle

Tomoko's son

Rohan Kishibe Heaven's Door Josuke's friend N/A
DIO The World Joestar family's enemy

Giorno's father

Pucci's "friend"

Deivid Bowie Thriller Kira's servant

Ikki's brother

Ikki Bowie N/A Deivid's brother Antagonist
Entire Horse Guns N' Roses Kira's servant

Hol Horse's brother

Mannish Man (formerly Mannish Boy) Death Thirteen Kira's servant Antagonist
Ken Oyanagi Boy II Man Kira's servant Antagonist
Kimura Savage Garden Kira's servant Antagonist
Yoshikage Kira / "Kosaku Kawajiri" Killer Queen Shinobu's "husband"

Hayato's adoptive father

Yoshimaru's father

Main Antagonist

Chapters Edit

Num. Volume name Chapters
YKQL 01 Yoshikage Kira's Quiet Life YKQL 01. Jotaro Kujo Bites the Dust

YKQL 02. Enrico Pucci, Emporio Alniño and Narciso Anasui, Part 1

YKQL 03. Enrico Pucci, Emporio Alniño and Narciso Anasui, Part 2

YKQL 04. Jolyne Cujoh! Meets Giorno Giovanna, Part 1

YKQL 02 Welcome to Morioh YKQL 05. Jolyne Cujoh! Meets Giorno Giovanna, Part 2

YKQL 06. Jolyne Cujoh! Meets Giorno Giovanna, Part 3

YKQL 07. Welcome to Morioh

YKQL 08. Yoshimaru Kawajiri (Roundabout), Part 1

YKQL 03 Yoshimaru Kawajiri and Hayato Kawajiri YKQL 09. Yoshimaru Kawajiri (Roundabout), Part 2

YKQL 10. Yoshimaru Kawajiri (Roundabout), Part 3

YKQL 11. The Man who Never gets Old, Part 1

YKQL 12. The Man who Never gets Old, Part 2

YKQL 04 Let's Go Play at the Bowie's House YKQL 13. Yoshimaru's new "Toys"

YKQL 14. Let's Go Play at the Bowie's House, Part 1

YKQL 15. Let's Go Play at the Bowie's House, Part 2

YKQL 16. Let's Go Play at the Bowie's House, Part 3

YKQL 05 Guns N' Roses YKQL 17. The Guardians of Morioh

YKQL 18. Guns N' Roses, Part 1

YKQL 19. Guns N' Roses, Part 2

YKQL 20. Guns N' Roses, Part 3

YKQL 06 The Lineage of a Vampire YKQL 21. Giorno's Dream, Part 1

YKQL 22. Giorno's Dream, Part 2

YKQL 23. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Round 2, Part 1

YKQL 24. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Round 2, Part 2

YKQL 07 Savage Garden YKQL 25. Savage Garden, Part 1

YKQL 26. Savage Garden, Part 2

YKQL 27. Savage Garden, Part 3

YKQL 28. Savage Garden, Part 4

YKQL 08 The Truth is Revealed YKQL 29. The Last Step, Part 1

YKQL 30. The Last Step, Part 2

YKQL 31. Yoshikage Kira & Kosaku Kawajiri, Part 1

YKQL 32. Yoshikage Kira & Kosaku Kawajiri, Part 2

Trivia Edit

  • Pucci is openly gay.
  • Part 5's story is based around the videogame rather than the manga.
  • Hayato's and Yoshimarus's Stands are named after songs used on the JoJo anime.

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