Yoshimaru Kawajiri
Namesake Yoshi- (prefix used in all Kira's family male names)

-maru (common japanese suffix for male names)

Stand Roundabout
Age 12
Birthday April 16, 2000
Gender Male
Height 150 cm.
Weight 40 kg.
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Favorite Food Vanilla ice cream
Favorite Animal His pet
Favorite Flower Roses
Affiliation Passione
Occupation Passione's member
Relatives Kawajiri Family
Seiyuu Yūko Satō
My only goal is "justice"! The day when Morioh reach this... the place will be fulled with "shining justice"...

—Yoshimaru about his goal

Yoshimaru Kawajiri is a main ally in Yoshikage Kira's Quiet Life. Being the younger of the Kawajiri brothers, he is a member of the Jotaro Kujo's Death Investigation Team.

Appearence Edit

Yoshimaru is a young 12-year old boy with a rather scrawny build, having blonde loosely combed back hair with a few strands out of place and hazel eyes. He also has 5 orange-red colored lines on his cheeks that look like whisters.

His clothes are dark blue shorts and a green sweater. He wears a pair of converse shoes and white sox.

Past Edit

Yoshimaru was born from Shinobu Kawajiri and Yoshikage Kira (now named Kosaku Kawajiri), being the younger brother of Hayato Kawajiri.

Yoshimaru was born with blonde hair, which confused both Shinobu and Hayato, but Kosaku just let it slip. Yoshimaru's early life was that of a normal boy.

When Yoshimaru was 4 years old, he was pierced with the Arrow by his father, after this, he awakened his Stand. Hayato tried to teach Yoshimaru to use his Stand (despite being unable to see it).

With the years, Yoshimaru came into believe that Stands are the key of "justice", and only a Stand user will be able to bring "justice" to the world. After that, Kosaku teached Yoshimaru to use his Stand to fight "criminals", so he will be the one to bring "justice" to Morioh.

Justice Edit

Yoshimaru has rather odd definition for the word "justice", and usually use a self-created concept: "shining justice". The meanings of these terms according to him are the following:

  • Justice: to Yoshimaru, "justice" is doing good acts, stealing and killing are examples of things Yoshimaru thinks are against "justice", and calls the ones who do this "criminals". According to Yoshimaru, only a Stand user can stop the "criminals" and bring "justice".
  • Shining Justice: to Yoshimaru, a place with "shining justice" is a place lacking of "criminals", or in other words, a place without evil. Yoshimaru's dream is to fill Morioh with "shining justice", or in other words, freeing it from evil-doers.

Trivia Edit

  • Yoshimaru inherited his father's natural hair rather than Kosaku's.
  • Yoshimaru's concept, "shining justice", is a reference to the lyrics of Great Days.

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