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Yoshitune Kawajiri
Japanese Name 川尻 よしつね
English Name Yoshitune Kawajiri
Birth Name Yoshitune
Namesake Minamoto no Yoshitsune & Shinobu Kawajiri
Stand Lover Boy
Age 11
Birthday Febuary the 14th (1999)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Snake
Gender Male
Height 5'1 feet
Weight 80 Lbs
Blood Type AB-
Nationality Japanese
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Movie Harakiri
Favorite Food Shinobu's cooking
Favorite Actor Ken Watanabe
Favorite Animal Cat
Favorite Flower Rose
Favorite Musician Freddie Mercury (Singer)
Favorite Sportsman Ichiro Suzuki (Baseball)
Affiliation Kira Familly

Kawajiri Familly

Occupation Elementary Student
Hobbies Helping Shinobu (mother) with the house
Relatives Shinobu Kawajiri (Mother)

Yoshikage Kira [Kosaku] (Father)

Hayato Kawajiri (older brother)

Yoshihiro Kira (grand father [Kira's side])

Unnamed Grand mother (Kira's Side)

Unnamed Grand mother (Shinobu's Side)

Unnamed Grand mother (Shinobu's Side)

Manga Debut Kira's Quiet Life - Chapter 1: Birth of Shinobu and Kira's Son!
Seiyuu Rie Kugimiya


As one would expect of a eleven year old Yoshitune is a short and thin preteen. He is only 5'1 ft and weighs only 80 pounds, his body isn't even muscular. His face however is something to talk about. He has a wave of straight back hair that caresses his head, along with a matching set of black eyes. His face is thought to be "cute" and "adorable". Yoshitune dresses in a very nice white shirt that is complimented by a brownish-red tie. Over it he wears a baby blue jacket and a pair of brown shorts, he completes the look with a pair of black shoes.

For some reason he looks like Kosaku instead of Kira. Which is still a mystery to Kira himself.


Francis is an extremely sweet child. His mind is mostly innocent and his intentions are usually pure. He also acts more like a child than he should, climbing on people or objects for fun. When speaking to his mother and father his words are usually very clear and polite, however when he speaks to his brother or other people he acts like a perfect little boy. He shows enthusiasm towards new things and tries his best at the tasks Shinobu gives him.




Abilities and PowersEdit



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