Zeppeli's Bizarre Adventure: Silver Crusaders is an alternate setting for Part 3: Stardust Crusaders and a sequel to Zeppeli's Bizarre Adventure.

Plot Edit

In 1988, after his sister was killed by a man with two right hands, the French man Jean Pierre Polnareff decided to go into a journey to find her killer. Joined in the way by Noriaki Kakyoin, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli and Muhammad Avdol, they travel all around the world to avenge Polnareff's sister.

However, in their way they are attacked by multiple Stand users, who want to kill them before they can reach their goal, so the Silver Crusaders have to fight in order to find the one who sent them.

Summary Edit

The Ghost Hamon: A Power Named "Stand" Edit

Caesar arrived at China, were Avdol and his dog, Iggy, were waiting for him, Avdol explains to Caesar about a special power, invisible for those who do not possess it, which he calls a Ghost Hamon, he explains that he has the power to control trough this, but Caesar starts laughing, saying that Hamon cannot control fire, Avdol, while not denying what Caesar said, says that Ghost Hamon can, using his power to summon fire.

Caesar is amazed about that power, questioning how it looks like for those who can use it, Avdol says his power looks like a humanoid red chicken standing at his side, Caesar then says that it does not sounds like Hamon, but rather like a ghost standing at his side, after hearing this, Avdol thinks of a better name for it, a Stand.

Meanwhile, Jean Pierre Polnareff, a French man starts travelling trough Japan, saying that he will find the one who killed his sister.

Hierophant Green Edit

Polnareff started looking for a killer, while remembering that his sister was raped and killed by a guy with 2 right hands, he made it to follow the man to Japan, but he has no idea about where the man went. Polnareff was looking inside a building; until a man named Noriaki Kakyoin introduced himself, saying that he is helping someone, Polnareff, having no idea what is talking about, just continue looking for a man with 2 right hands. Polnareff then notes a weird kid, having an injure on his leg, Polnareff wonders if the boy needs to go to a doctor, without thinking, he just takes the boy on his shoulders and goes to the hospital.

When Polnareff made it to the hospital, he sits the boy on a chair, saying that he will look for the doctor, but before he can do so, he find Kakyoin again, who said that he is helping someone, Polnareff, still confused about what he is talking about, goes for the doctor.

When Polnareff returns with the doctor, the whole room is alone, with the chairs turned down, and the lights off, Polnareff then heard someone saying that he is helping someone, Polnareff then ask Kakyoin what is he doing, Kakyoin ask how he knows that he is the one behind this, Polnareff then says that he has been saying that he is helping "someone" the whole day, asking who this someone is, Kakyoin says that he was hired by J. Geil to kill him, since, after all, J. Geil was the one who killed Polnareff's sister.

The injured kid then appears and starts attacking Polnareff, with Kakyoin saying that he is using his special ability to control people on him, so Polnareff says if the kid is not controlling himself, he has a reason to attack, punching the kid with all his strength, knocking him out. Polnareff the summons an armored knight, saying that he will show Kakyoin his own special ability, the knight tries to attack Kakyoin, but he is stopped by a robot like creature, Kakyoin says that both have the same special power, saying that his is called Hierophant Green, asking Polnareff how he named his, with Polnareff saying that he named it Silver Chariot.

Silver Chariot then use his rapier in a fast barrage of slice, but Hierophant Green's coiled body allows it to dodge it, Polnareff then thinks of a plan to fight Kakyoin, asking him why he is helping J. Geil, Kakyoin says that he is from a poor family, and that he has been working on different kinds of works since he was a child, and thanks to Hierophant Green's special abilities, he has enough money to survive through killing, Polnareff then says that Kakyoin is not really a bad guy, so Kakyoin asks him if he actually believed it, Polnareff says that he is just a good person that has go through bad moments, and for that he can forgive him, Kakyoin then starts crying of happiness for finding someone who believes in him, but he suddenly felt unconscious, because while he and Polnareff were talking, Silver Chariot attacked Hierophant Green, heavily injuring Kakyoin. Polnareff tells the scared doctor that he will pay for everything.

Kakyoin is resting on his room in the hospital, until Polnareff and the kid came to visit him, Polnareff says that he will pardon Kakyoin if he helps him to take the kid to his home and to look after J. Geil, Kakyoin agrees, saying that he likes to help people. After leaving the kid with his parents, Polnareff and Kakyoin who after J. Geil, with Kakyoin saying that now he is helping someone, but Polnareff told him to stop.

Magician's Red Edit

Polnareff and Kakyoin are travelling in a ship to India, Kakyoin ask Polnareff why he wants to go to India, but Polnareff only says that he has feeling that they should be going that way. Caesar and Avdol are on the same ship, Caesar asks Avdol where they are heading, with Avdol saying that he wants to go to Egypt, but he needs to take a ship in Calcuta first to do so.

Kakyoin then started using Hierophant Green to steal people on the boat, saying that Polnareff spent all their money buying a ticket for a luxury ship, one of these people was Avdol, as he was the only one who noticed Hierophant Green, he went to talk with Caesar. Caesar and Avdol were looking after Kakyoin, until they found him with Polnareff on the animals room, with cage with different kinds of animals, Kakyoin asked them what were they doing, Avdol said that he noticed that Kakyoin used his Stand to steal him, after hearing that name, Polnareff asked Avdol if he is able to use special abilities too, with Avdol saying "Yes, I Am", showing them his Stand, Magician's Red, while Caesar was saying that they will fight the robbers.

Caesar used a Hamon Overdrive on Kakyoin, but he blocked it with Hierophant Green, attacking him with an Emerald Splash, Avdol then attacked them with his Cross Fire Hurricane, creating cross made of fire, but Polnareff and Kakyoin dodged them. Polnareff then attacked Caesar, saying that the old man is disturbing, and then Caesar yells at Polnareff for calling him old man.

Kakyoin then use another Emerald Splash, but Avdol dodge it, counterattacking with his Cross Fire Hurricane Variation, hitting him with his fire. Polnareff then made him move: Silver Chariot shed his armor, and now was able to move at a extreme speed, shooting his sword and injuring Avdol.

Iggy then started barking, and when everybody started looking at their sides, the animals were gone; they escaped while they were fighting, so Avdol tells Polnareff that they need to find the animals, so the group decides to look for them.

Strength Edit

While looking for the animals, the group notices that the ships starts to change, becoming a gigantic freighter, Kakyoin wonders what is happening, with Avdol saying that it must be the work of a Stand, so the group continue looking.

The group followed to different ways, while Kakyoin and Caesar are looking for the animals, Avdol and Polnareff looks for the Stand user. Polnareff was walking until he was attacked by bolts, but Avdol, using his Cross Fire Hurricane, burned them. Polnareff and Avdol continue walking, until they started to be trapped by the walls, Polnareff questions what is happening, but Avdol decides to use his Cross Fire Hurricane Special, which melts the whole place, so the duo decides to continue.

Avdol then found an orangutan, which was sapient, and reveled himself as Forever, saying that his strength allows him to do this to ships, and for that nobody was able to control him, Avdol, after hearing that, decided to name Forever's Stand: Strength.

Forever then attacks using electric chords, but Avdol burns them with his fire, Polnareff then goes to the attack, but he is stopped by the walls trapping him, Avdol then use his special move, Red Bind, binding Forever, burning the oxygen around the ape, suffocating him.

After the battle was done, Forever is taken with the other animals, and arrives to India the next day. Polnareff ask Avdol where is he going, with Avdol saying that he will go to Calcuta to take a ship to Egypt, and visit her friend and fellow Stand investigator, Polnareff ask how is she named, so Avdol says that she is named Enya Geil.

Polnareff ask him if Enya has something to do with J. Geil, Avdol nods, asking the reason of his question, Polnareff says that J. Geil killed his sister, and he is looking for him. Caesar then says that the destiny worked, Kakyoin ask what he means, Caesar says that all them are going to the same place, like they were fated to meet from the beginning, noticing this, the 2 duos decide to join and go for the Geil family.

Meanwhile, Enya tells her son that she hired 3 people to kill Polnareff, so J. Geil says that even if that does not work, both joined by their pet have more than the power needed to kill him, so the mother and son duo started laughing.

Emperor Edit

The group is in India, wanting to travel to Egypt on a boat. Polnareff ask Avdol about the dog he has, Avdol says that Iggy is his pet; he saved him when he was at New York, and since, they have been together. Caesar is wondering how much time they will have to wait, Kakyoin says that maybe an hour or two, Caesar, saying that he has enough time, tries to tell them about his fight against an Aztec God of Fitness, but he is interrupted by a cowboy that suddenly appeared.

The cowboy, Hol Horse, ask about Polnareff, he then ask Hol Horse what he wants, Hol Horse says that he was hired by J. Geil to kill him, as the gun is mightier than the sword, it should be an easy job, Polnareff wonder what does this means until he is shot by Hol Horse's Stand, Emperor. Kakyoin tries to use his human control ability on Hol Horse, but Polnareff told him to stop, as he wants to have a duel against the cowboy to show him the might of Silver Chariot. Hol Horse then decides to accept the 1v1 duel with Polnareff, saying that only one of them can survive.

Hol Horse starts shooting Polnareff using his Emperor, but Polnareff dodge the bullets, however, Emperor redirects the bullets to hit Polnareff. Polnareff notes Emperor's special power, saying that if he moves faster he should be able to stop it, so takes off Silver Chariot's armor, now armor-less, Chariot is a lot faster, but a direct hit should be enough to kill Polnareff.

Silver Chariot starts moving at a really high speed, being able to block Emperor's bulets. Polnareff then shoots Chariot's sword to Hol Horse, hitting him severely. Silver Chariot then goes to take his sword and attacks Hol Horse, stabbing him various times, outright killing him.

Iggy then goes to lick Polnareff; Avdol says that it is Iggy's way to show love. Caesar then starts complaining that he doesn't have a Stand, as he is unable to see most of the battle, so Kakyoin starts wondering how weird the Stand Battles should be to Caesar.

The group then takes their boat and travel to Egypt.

Battle in Egypt: Geb Edit

The Silver Crusaders, as Caesar decided to name the group, are going alongside the Nile River, hoping to get to the Geil Place as soon as possible. Kakyoin remembers the group that one last assassin is left, so they need to have their eyes open.

Suddenly, a giant water claw comes from the river, with Kakyoin saying that it is the last one, trying to attack him with an Emerald Splash, but the claw gets unaffected, Avdol tells Caesar to hide with Iggy, saying that they are facing a fierce opponent.

A man appears, revealing himself to be N'Doul, user of the power of Egyptian god Geb, saying that the Geil paid him enough to try this, as he normally wouldn't attack innocent people, but saying that Kakyoin is not innocent, as he killed many people despite being only 17, Kakyoin tells N'Doul that he will show him how Polnareff have changed him, asking the group to fight him alone.

Kakyoin launches an Emerald Splash, which is dodged by N'Doul, saying that he makes too much noise, Hierophant Green then unravels himself into strings, getting to N'Doul, but Geb easily takes him off, N'Doul says that Geb grants him the power of water, so he can control the legendary Nile River, saying that river is his power, Avdol then gets a plan.

Avdol notice N'Doul's pattern, saying that he moves different from what a normal person would, and that he seems to need sound to react, saying that N’Doul is blind, N’Doul congrats Avdol for noticing it, so Avdol writes with fire his plan so N’Doul wouldn't notice it, Kakyoin then decides to follow Avdol's plan. Kakyoin creates a network around N’Doul, thanks to Hierophant Green, Kakyoin then tricks N'Doul launching an Emerald Splash on his direction, only so N'Doul tries to dodge it, but is hurt by various emeralds coming from the network, to the point of falling unconscious. Avdol then use his Cross Fire Hurricane Special, evaporating the water, destroying Geb, and killing N'Doul.

Avdol then says that N'Doul was a dangerous Stand user, but now that he is gone, they have their way to the Geil Place clean, Polnareff then starts exciting, saying that he will find and kill the one who killed his sister soon.

The Gatekeeper: Horus Edit

The Silver Crusaders arrived at Avdol's hometown; Avdol says that he was raised on this town and learned his entire occultist knowledge here, after that he traveled to New York and found Iggy as a stray dog, so he decided to took him to his home, Avdol and Iggy spent time together working on the town while investigating the Stand phenomenon.

Caesar adds that he met Avdol during a mission given to him by the Speedwagon Foundation; Caesar travelled to the town as the SPW told him and met Avdol, both then travelled to China to investigate supernatural phenomenon there, both worked together on these cases and solved them thanks to Avdol's abilities, Avdol used all this and created a book called “The Ghost Hamon” which Caesar wanted to read some days ago, but then decided to change the whole basis of the book and renamed it “The Power Called Stand” thanks to Caesar.

Polnareff ask Avdol what he wants to do with that book, Avdol says that he will publish once their journey is over, he also adds that Enya helped him a bit writing the book, so maybe she knows about Stands thanks to that. Kakyoin ask Avdol where Iggy is, Avdol says that Iggy maybe want to walk around the town, after all, it is also his home.

Iggy is walking around the town, felling nostalgia for being in home again, Iggy started looking at a group of kids playing football, Iggy likes football because the ball is black and white, just like him. All was calm and quiet, until Iggy started feeling something cold, the kids also noticed it, so they returned to their houses. Iggy goes to where the ball is, noticing the kids leaved it, after turning around, Iggy noticed a falcon, Pet Shop, looking at him, and, using his power to control ice, shots a shard to Iggy, only for him to dodge it, but it destroyed the ball, which made Iggy panic, so he started running.

Pet Shop started going to where Iggy is, Iggy wants to be as far as possible from it. Iggy enters sewers, only for Pet Shop to follow him there. Iggy goes to river, but Pet Shop follows him there. Iggy is at the desert trying to escape from Pet Shop, but everything is futile, and as an ice shard hits Iggy's paw, he lost and falls to the ground.

Iggy starts to desperate, Pet Shop is coming closer, Iggy needs to do something, but he can't, there is nothing he can do. Pet Shop shots an ice shard at Iggy, only for it to be blocked by a sand barrier; it was Iggy's Stand, The Fool. Iggy, now with his just awakened Stand, change its form to a glider, which he uses to slash Pet Shop and kill him. Iggy returns injured with the group, so Avdol says that it's time to go after the Geil duo.

Enya tells J. Geil that Pet Shop was killed, J. Geil says that not even Horus' power was able to stop them, but is confided that their ghost powers would be enough.

Justice Edit

Characters Edit

Name Stand Role
Jean Pierre Polnareff Silver Chariot Main Protagonist
Noriaki Kakyoin Hierophant Green Main Ally
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Hamon user Main Ally
Muhammad Avdol Magician's Red Main Ally
Iggy The Fool Main Ally
Forever Strength Antagonist
Hol Horse Emperor Antagonist
N'Doul Geb Antagonist
Pet Shop Horus Antagonist
Enya Geil Justice Antagonist
J. Geil Hanged Man Main Antagonist

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