You're not the only one whose Stand can call the power of the stars, little girl.
Japanese Name ゼウス
User Khione de Olympia
Namesake Zeus (King of the gods and Greek god of thunder)
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability D
Precision C
Developmental Potential A
Zeus (ゼウス Zeusu) is the Stand of Khione de Olympia, featured in JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution.

Appearance Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Zodiac Empowerment: Like Nirvana, Zeus can access a specific Zodiac to use the abilities heavily associated with that kind of Zodiac. Only one Zodiac can be assumed at a time, and upon shifting to another Zodiac, any abilities used by the previous one will be immediately ceased to function. Unlike Nirvana where it selects its Stances through mere probability than decision, Khione can freely select which Zodiac her Stand will use of her own choosing.
    • Rat: Grants abilities of animating insentient objects into sword-wielding constructions and the power to command over all species of rodent.
    • Ox: Grants abilities of heightened strength at a supernatural scale and the ability to manipulate mud, including turning the ground into a liquefied state akin to mud.
    • Tiger: Grants abilities of assuming control over all aspects relating to winter and supernaturally-heightened reflexes and body coordination.
    • Rabbit: Grants abilities of taking control over plant life and an absolute escalation of the user's hearing, allowing to hear everything within a maximum range of 50 miles.
    • Dragon: Grants abilities of generating spheres or streams of elemental energies through exerting them through the mouth and manifest dragon-based appendages, which can be infused with the aforementioned elemental energy.
    • Snake: Grants abilities of conjuring poison out of nowhere and can fabricate sentient snakes out of anything.
    • Horse: Grants the ability of having full dominion over all species of horses, including creatures that are part horse. Zeus can also transform into a winged, eight-legged horse that can breathe out lightning bolts from its mouth.
    • Sheep: Grants the ability to spread out spores that makes anyone who comes into contact with it fall into a deep sleep. Zeus has a suit made of wool with versatile properties which Khione can issue complex actions with it such as absorbing fire or even redirecting the kinetic energy of any attack to another path in the form of an electrical discharge. However, because of the tremendous weight because of the wool, this forces Khione to stay in one place while her Stand is wearing the wool armor.
    • Monkey: Grants the abilty of creating sentient life out of Khione's hair strands.
    • Rooster:
    • Dog:
    • Pig:
  • Dark Lightning Manipulation:

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